Sunday, January 15, 2017

:: Weekending ::

Our favorite place to spend weekends and holidays is the one hundred year old "Logcabin" that has been in Gary's family for, well....One hundred years! Constructed in 1905, it is now actually 112 years old!  This is the original log room, built back in the day when there was no electricity, no air conditioning, and the only heat source was this fireplace that was painstakingly built by hand, rock by rock. Gary's grandmother would tell us stories about how her father and his friends would have "log stripping parties", when they all sat around stripping bark off the logs cut from the property. Oh, if these walls could talk!  When Gary and I decided to purchase it from the family twenty years ago, it had not been used in at least fifteen years, and we spent every weekend (I called them "workends") renovating the plumbing, electricity, and just about everything needed to actually be able to use it! It truly was a monumental task, but so worth all the blood, sweat and tears we poured into this place! 

All three girls could come home for the weekend due to the upcoming Martin Luther King holiday. Last night was just spent catching up on sleep (Elizabeth, now in her second year of vet school had pulled an all nighter for her Friday test), and the other two girls chatted about things that girls chat, friends, and life's general adventures!

This may look like an ordinary scene from a river bank, but this 
Palmetto plant has an unusual story.

Twenty years ago, it was but an ordinary, two-foot, house plant purchased from Home Depot with the purpose of sprucing up our newly purchased, very tiny, first home. Not having quite the botanical knowledge I now possess, I had no clue that it was an out-door plant, and my new, green friend quickly began to turn brown. When it seemed there was no hope of saving it, I put it out on the corner for the garbage service to take. Unbeknownst to me, Gary rescued it, and planted the "dead" plant down on the river bank, by our logcabin.  Now, either Gary has a super green thumb, or there is some powerful fertilizer and nourishment in that soil down there, because our dead plant not only came back to life, but it is still thriving,  and now is at least twenty feet tall! Do palmettos ever get that tall? It has survived temperatures ranging from 105 to 15 degrees, floods that covered it for weeks, hurricanes, droughts, and who knows how many various pests and bugs that have attacked it. Right now, we are in the midst of the season I call  "Sprinter" - (Winter and Spring together -  70 degrees today), so it doesn't look so great, but come Spring, it will be 
growing, green, big and beautiful! Good move Gary!!!

Another pleasant discovery this morning
We have had this natural, sand beach across from 
us on the other side of the river bank, but this morning as I was 
photographing the "Super-Palmetto Plant",
 I discovered.....

We now have natural white sand on our side of the river bank! The recent 
flood must have dumped it there.

Who needs Florida...we will be enjoying sun, sand and water this 
summer right outside our back door! Clearly, our dogs already knew about this...
hope they put on sunscreen! The beautiful Golden Retriever in this photo is Cajun.
You can tell she comes from show dog bloodlines, as she always holds herself as if she is 
in the Westminster Dog show! Another "fun fact" about Cajun is that she has to have something in her mouth. It can be a sock, a koozie, a dish rag...
we call whatever she carries around
  her "Baby"! She won't destroy it, or chew on it; she just needs that
oral fixation of having something in her mouth!  
I bought her this dog toy for Christmas hoping she might stop losing all our socks! 

 Cajun's real baby, "Toula", decided it was time to take it from her Mom...

After a good tug of war,  she gave up!

The "baby" stayed with Cajun!

Better luck next time Toula! 


  1. how nice to see you blogging again!! Everyone looks happy and healthy and what a beautiful place to be with your family :) :)

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