Thursday, January 12, 2017

Puppy Love

Pound-cake, our feline friend you see on the right, entered our lives around five years ago. He came from the pound courtesy of Sara (my middle daughter)! Sara lost her beloved Labrador Retriever, Scout, and wanted another animal companion, but didn't want to replace Scout with another dog because she was Senior in high school heading off to college. The next best solution in her mind was to choose an old, wise and hopefully, well trained cat from the local animal shelter. Poundcake fit the bill! All our previous cats have not enjoyed living with our rambunctious dogs, and soon adopted nearby neighbors to live with. When Sara brought Poundcake home, I figured he would follow suit! However, Poundcake has been around the block once or twice, or maybe twenty times...who knows! He walked in our house, tail and head held high, and went straight to the food bowl, where he stayed for the next twenty-four hours! That is no exaggeration! Once he realized the food bowl was there to stay, the next step was to explore the new surroundings and that included the three dogs. Dominance was quickly established, and Poundcake was clearly the winner. Our dogs wouldn't think about crossing his path! In order to get the dogs outside, Poundcake could not be on the steps or within ten feet of their path. None of our dogs dared to cross him. That is until "Toula" came into the picture. Toula is the daughter of Cajun and is our six month golden retriever. This summer we were blessed with seven beautiful Golden Retriever pups, one of which was Toula! From the time Toula was introduced to Poundcake, they seemed to have a special bond. Toula is the only dog Poundcake has ever given the time of day. They seem to have a love affair going. Poundcake will even walk over to Toula and (ask in their secret language) for some "lovin".  A little love is happening above, and it melts my heart every time it happens (which is at least once a day)! 

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  1. sweet...we have a new kitten...and our old (11 years) Jack had a hard time adjusting...but it's so sweet to see them sleeping together on the sofa...and they definitely seem to have a ball chasing each other up and down the hallway...

    ~Have a lovely day!


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