Friday, January 13, 2017

Oh Deer! Our Christmas card adventure...

I must admit that our Christmas card almost didn't happen this year. We had the perfect idea for the card, but corralling three, very busy girls and finding a day they can set aside for a photo shoot, is quite challenging to say the least. Finally, after several failed attempts, they donned white shirts, and with less than a week before Christmas, 
we set out to get the perfect Christmas card photo. Our card's caption was to be
  "Merry Christmas to your nearest and "deerest" 
and would involve shooting the perfect photo of the three girls and "Clove", our pet deer. (You can read more about our adventures raising Clove if you want, by clicking on this link "Clove") Clove was given to us at the tender age of five days old, and was a part of our family for a year. We decided to return her back to her original home (our good friend's deer farm) so she could breed, have babies and have "deer friends". Anyway, back to the Christmas card adventure! Clove was thrilled to see us and came running to greet us all, especially her owner, Ellen. I did a quick test shot (photo above) and believe it or not, the light was perfect. I don't usually have the luxury of shooting in such good light. It was nice to have the light working for me, because shooting one good photo of a quickly moving deer, and three girls should be a record awarded from the Guinness World book of records! Here is how the day went, and luckily for you, my "deer" reader
I am only going to post several of the 150 photos taken!

My first photo went really well, and I was thinking this would be a piece of cake. 
However, we all decided this just looked too posed! 

Future attempts to take another shot like this were thwarted by Clove's best friend "Bambi"!
We then attempted some less posed shots....

They were cute, and lots of fun to shoot, but not quite what we wanted.

This one was great, but I didn't want a fence in the photo

Clove's baby got frisky and riled all the deer up, 
so we took a brief intermission,  and got back to it 

I loved the one above, (by now I didn't care about the fence!) and we were about to call it a day, until we realized Ellen's face was out of focus!

At this point, everyone was getting tired ~ and the girls a bit loopy

I was beginning to think this was to be the year of no Christmas card. Getting the right photo was but a minor part of this process. We still had to go home, design the card on the computer, print it (and pray for no printer problems or ink shortage), sign them, stuff them, address them and stamp them! This all had to be done that night if the cards were to arrive before Christmas. 
No pressure at all!

I rallied the troops again, and got this shot! YES - it was the one...until the girls pointed out that an ear was in Ellen's we tried again! 

Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Finally!!!! We got a photo of all three girls that they liked, with Clove looking at the camera, no other deer invading our photo, and good background scenery! We hightailed it home, Sara designed our card, we printed, stuffed, licked envelopes, addressed, 
stamped and they made it to the mail  the very next day! 
Mission accomplished (by the hardest)

This isn't a good photo of the final really looked much better than this! I just 
had to snap it quickly to finish this post! Wonder if other families have this much
 adventure making their Christmas cards?

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  1. turned out great and it looks like it was a lot of fun...we had a couple of photo shoots for ours as well...but we went with just a snap taken by my sweet sissie at the beach...

    ~Have a lovely day!


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