Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Birthday Beauty"...

I am visiting family and friends in Tennessee, and luckily my visit coincided with the birthday of Amy Jane,  cousin/ little sister. We laugh because my family is "birthday challenged" to remember the date of someone's birthday and must resort to many tactics in order not to forget them. However, once we remember that important day, 
we go to great lengths to mark it, and try to make the birthday girl or boy feels loved and special!

Rule Number One
The birthday girl can do no work! They are "queen" for the day and cannot help with the normal, routine chores of the day like, setting the table, cooking, emptying garbage, unloading dishwashers...etc.  Amy Jane took this rule to a new level, and even stayed home 
from work to enjoy the whole day with us to do "nothing". This is a photo of her, 
lounging in front of a glowing fire, enjoying her day of no responsibility. 

 Rule Number Two
You get a home-made birthday cake! My mother made Tiramisu and it was divine...the birthday candles weren't trick candles, but did something I haven't seen before; the flames from each one glowed a different color. If you look closely in the following photos, 
you might be able to see them in action.  

Rule Number Three
You get to choose whatever you want for birthday dinner....this birthday dinner consisted of 
steak shish kabobs, wild rice with onions, garlic and celery, and a beautiful green salad embellished with fine china, real silver, and of course - candlelight! 

 Rule Number Four
The birthday cake must be proudly presented with a vibrant, rousing, 
and badly out of tune rendition of "Happy Birthday"!

You can see the colored flaming candles here!

Rule Number Five
Huff and Puff and Blooowwww the candles out! 
She got them all in one shot! 

Rule Number Six
Now this is an important rule that is often ignored as one gets older.  Children never fail to follow this rule, but adults too often let this one go by the way side. That rule is to 
lick the candles, once you have successfully blown them out. Amy Jane needed no reminding of this 
rule - So remember....stay young ~ lick your candles

And finally ~ the best rule of all ~ Rule Seven
Open your presents!!!!! There are many variations of this rule; you can take your time and try to guess what it is, carefully loosen the tape and remove the wrapping intact, or you can go wild and rip the paper to shreds in no time flat! It is your choice on how to follow this rule!

Rule Number Eight
Elaborately give thanks that someone actually got you the very thing you have been wanting or needing for the entire past year! It is a miracle; and now your life is complete. 

That is...until next year's birthday rolls around!
Oh, I almost forgot the last birthday rule. Now this rule is the only one that is optional.
Rule Eight ~ Save the bow for the next birthday bash! 
Happy Birthday Amy Jane, do you think I will see that bow
on my future birthday present?


  1. What a fun birth - day! Your photos are so warm and cozy. Makes me feel like I am there! Glad to see you back on the blog and I found you on Instagram, too. I went through a website redesign but haven't put the final fixes on yet. But Instagram has become my micro-blog I guess! I hope you are well!

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