Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What is making me happy right now!

 After many years of not practicing and playing piano...I made a commitment to myself to start practicing every day. Even if it is only five minutes! 

 I took the time to "drip" my coffee this morning. It is always better that way! 

The eleven dollar orchid for sale from the Sam's store. If only I could make one bloom again; however, I console myself with the fact that it does last much longer than cut flowers! 

My "dog paintings" from our resident artist - my daughter Sara.

Drinking coffee from the coffee cup my mother made. She designed this one with no handles so it would easily fit in a cup holder! 

Finally, the coaster ( also made by my mother) to place my coffee on while I sit at the 
computer and start my blog back up.  For those who aren't familiar with the saying "Who dat", it is a common colloquialism in Louisiana for "Who is that". 
We are often called the "WHO DAT STATE"!


  1. ...I love all your things...especially the cup and the dog paintings...

    ...and I also love that your back...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Hello old friend! I am thrilled to see you back in this space and hope life has been good. Are you feeling well? I have thought of you .
    Love the cup and coaster your mama made.

  3. welcome back! So nice to see you back to your blog, happy days are ahead of you while you document your days. Love the mug!


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