Thursday, May 9, 2013

Into Africa!!

She is off!  Elizabeth is heading to South Africa for the rest of the month!
It has been a flurry of packing, shopping, researching 
and excitement this past week. If you want to check it out, she has 
created a special blog for all of us to arm-chair travel with her.  It is called
Sawubona Africa which means "Hello Africa" and here is the link!

To get ready for this amazing adventure, Elizabeth donned her gear and 
"practiced" observing the flora and fauna in our own back yard!
Really, I think this was a case of delirious giddiness from her 
overtaxed and stimulated brain. 

Bingo - Sweet Olive or  "Louisiana Snow"...
bet they won't see that in Africa - Ha! 

She continued her "hunt" for some exotic cat species found
 "Only in Louisiana"...and luck was with her!

It is the oh ~ so rare, and unusual "felis catus", known to the 
locals as "Pound cake". This rare and endangered species can only be found
at your local animal shelter! Now you know why we named him Pound Cake.

The most unusual thing about this particular animal is that he never stops eating - Never! 

 After celebrating such a rare find, Elizabeth moved on and was surprised 
to find there were many unusual species of exotic 
animals right in our own backyard!
Now, I am not quite sure why she is traveling all that way to South Africa...
Here, she stumbled upon an elephant making its way to the watering hole.

 What could be more exciting than an elephant in the room, I mean backyard? 
You guessed it, A giraffe! Elizabeth worshiped Steve Irwin of Animal Planet, way back when. She never wanted to watch TV, except for Animal Planet and she never missed an episode of that program. She declared at a very young age, that she was going to be a vet and work at his alligator farm! When he was killed by the stingray, she was truly sad.
She had to rework her future plans...but she still want to be a vet.

But wait, there is more - now an extremely rare and never seen in the wild (only at school and home) just appeared into plain is a Rhino"saras"
The Sara species of Rhinoceros is awe inspiring - there are no words to describe the 
beauty of this beast.  All of this excitement was enough
gave Elizabeth the energy she needed to finish her packing!




A word about the medicines you have to must take anti-malarial several days before you leave, while you are there and a week after you are home.  The doctor also gave her every prescription she might possibly need...for nausea, bronchitis, wound infections, insect name it, she has it. At the eleventh hour (literally at eleven o'clock last night) a horrible realization hit Elizabeth.  Despite ALL the medicine bottles you see there, we had a major problem with one of the most important ones.  Her anti malaria medicine! Our pharmacy gave her several pills, but had to order the rest...of which we were supposed to go back and pick up.  In the excitement of hunting flora/fauna and packing, that small detail had been overlooked.  She was in a pickle as she did not have the most important medicine of all.  Thank goodness, my uncle saved the day.  He is a retired dentist but can still write prescriptions.  We had to wake him up and he called the 24 hour Walgreens.  Miraculously, they had a month's supply on hand.  
By midnight, she was ready to go with all the proper medication! 

Money bag and passport wallet was stuffed! The exchange rate is one of our dollars to 8 of theirs so I am thinking this will be an African Christmas for everyone this year! 

Finally, this morning at o "dark hundred", which was four o'clock, we loaded up
and departed for the airport!

The sunrise was breathtaking!

She got hugs, lots of last minute directions and...

She is off!
Sala kahle Elizabeth! Can't wait to read about your adventures!
"Sala kahle" means Goodbye in African!

(Elizabeth's Blog link)


  1. Oh how wonderfully exciting for Elizabeth. I have wanted to go to Africa since reading "Out of Africa" so very many years ago. I will most definitely follow her adventures. I want to say one more time, it is so good to see you posting once again. Bonnie

  2. How exciting! May she have a fun experience and stay safe :) Thanks for the link!!


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