Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Louisiana Snow!

Yes, it snowed, in Louisiana, in May!

What....you don't believe me? It happens every year like clockwork around this time of the year. 


 Really, it is from my sweet olives that are profusely blooming this year! They smell heavenly and are about as close as it gets when it comes to "snow in Louisiana".

I think it is going to be a banner year for snow...
I am going to buy a new snow shovel.....

They wrap around my house, and make May one of my favorite months! We once had a freak snow here, and the weight of it was snapping the branches of my sweet olive trees branches.  I was out there with a rake, banging on all the branches to loosen the three inches of snow sticking to them. On that day, as I was cold, wet and my arms were aching, I decided that I was very glad to live in the South! 

Sweet Maisy, was frolicking in the "snow"....

Good thing we were so productive this year over Easter! With this record snowfall, we will be able to use all our hand knits now...Sara whipped this hat out of nowhere.  She used yarn scraps, knitted strips and stitched them together to form this adorable hat.  

My sister Mary, who has all boys, made the statement that she felt like she was living in a
  "Jane Austin novel"! We all knitted, dyed lots of eggs, did lots of cooking and made home-made lotions!

 Between Mary, myself and Miriam, 
we taught every niece how to knit! 

Mary taught Rahel...Rahel went on to finish a scarf.  We called it a Sneed, as it 
reminded us of something from a Dr. Suess book. 

Ava learned

Miriam has not had the time or inclination to knit with all the drama lately in her life, 
but really enjoyed sitting down and whipping out a few projects...
she taught her daughters and they took off too! 

I see why she won't let herself knit...she is very intense and the joke was...I will help you - "after I finish just one more row!" We were thrilled that Miriam could relax and enjoy some mindless fun for a change. 

Miriam finished this cute little choker for cute little Clara!

She also made this cute headband for Ava

Even Ellen, who proclaims that she doesn't like to knit, got into the action. 

And I finished this hat that has been in my knitting bag for Amy Jane for a year! 
So excited to have completed this project and give it to her! 

Then I even knitted another hat for my mother, who lost the pretty, white hat I made for her last year! 

And this sweet hat for my niece....


  1. Lovely knits and how nice to be with family and teach younger ones a fine pastime. Now you might not have lilacs, but I don't have olive trees!!!

    1. Guess the grass is always greener :) !!!! In this case the flower is purlpeer.....that is not even a word but I am leaving it! Happy Gardening! We are still having lots of "snow flurries"!

  2. ...the 'snow' is so pretty...and lovin' all the knittin' action there...it looks like a lot of fun!

    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. I love the knitting action too...and was so thankful to finish that hat for my cousin (blue one).

  3. Oh my, what a fun get together! It reminds me of the knitting club I had at the elementary school. I loved it! The creativity is wonderful but the camaraderie even better!

    1. It was the first time I picked up my knitting needles since my brother passed away. We really had a wonderful Easter with our whole family together. So fun to teach younger children how to knit...they are so proud when they "get it! I have some more fun photos of our "Jane Austin weekend" waiting to be turned into a post! So much to catch up on my poor, neglected blog! Thank you again for the compliments about my brother on your blog...anyone reading this, pop over to Jane's blog, Maiden Jane...very inspirational post today on her blog. Get your kleenex before you go.

  4. I enjoyed this post. You 'had' me with the first snow pictures. I was buying it. Loved the gathering of the ladies and all of the finished projects...

    But, then I read your previous post. I wondered where you had disappeared to. I'm SO sorry. Tears are still wet on my face, I cried from the beginning to the end. I have a beautiful baby brother of my own, just a few years younger than your own and...

    You said that you didn't have the words to post. You said it so beautifully. Thank you for sharing your heart and I am praying for you and your family.

    Blessings, Debbie

    1. Thank you Debbie. Such sweet words you write....hug that baby brother of yours for me.


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