Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day - "Only in Louisiana"

With Clove! Grab a beverage of choice as this post is a little long.  I just kept adding all these adorable photos...believe it or not, there are quite a few that were left out!  You would be reading my post 24/7 if I utilized all the photos I took.  Practice makes perfect - right! 
What great subjects I have to help me with that. Check it out!

Mother's Day could not have been started with my two girls, and hardworking husband bringing me breakfast in bed! (gluten-free)

I am guessing that "Only in Louisiana", would one be eating 
 surprise breakfast off of a platter sporting a "crawfish"! Actually, this is one of the few wedding presents that survived our 24 years of marriage. 

After spoiling me, it was time to spoil another mother...GranE. (Gary's mother)

We visited her at our retreat in the country and showered her with a few gifts!

 Their porch has a magnificent view of the river,
and it feels like what a bird must feel like perched in the trees!

Love this photo - GranE and her two men...Charlie is recuperating from a serious fall, and is just now able to get up and around, so we are thankful for that. 

Love this photo too...a silhouette of Charlie
 laughing  - that is  GranE in the background. It was good to see him smile.
This weekend reminded me of how I love photography....

This is off the subject totally, but I am contemplating changing my header.  I have been wanting to change it for a while, but I haven't had a different header in two years, and I will miss it!  I like the photo above and could write the title in the the way moss is "making a frame"...what do you think? Should I freshen up and say Goodbye to my barn.
I think I should....change is good. 

Then Bret arrived bearing a pretty, white rose for ME! He is always showering Sara with beautiful roses, which is wonderful as I enjoy them too! Smart man!

He gave her these red roses for their one-year anniversary...they brightened
the house for almost two weeks!

I took this sweet photo of them.  

Our good friends, Mimi and Charlie, arrived; Clove mixed and mingled and the fun began. 

They came bearing gifts for both our graduates...Sara is a Senior, 
and Ellen is graduating from eighth grade. 

Mimi and Charlie - friends from way-back-when!

Sara challenged a Mother's day gift for GranE...the pocket hose. 
 How on earth does this thing fit in any pocket????

The FUN started with twenty-five pounds of boiled crawfish! 

Which we polished off in no time! Ellen is a pro at "pinching the tails".

She even "sucks the heads"! I personally cannot eat them that way, as it so spicy.  
It leaves one's mouth and lips on fire.

My girls are old pros at this....

Even GranE has her special technique...I am wondering about this pinky action! 

Believe it or not, Clove ate a crawfish! She gobbled up the whole thing, shell and all
 before we could get it out of her mouth.  
She chewed it well, but we were a bit worried and watched her closely after that.  
You have to admit, "Only in Louisiana"
would a pet deer, eat a crawfish!

Hey - there I am...out of the five hundred photos I snapped
 (and I bet it was more than that!),  I made one of them!!!! cute is this...Ellen snuggling up to her Clove.  I never dreamed  having a pet deer could bring so much joy.  They are the sweetest, most loving, docile creatures...more-so then a dog I think.  Today we have a treat for Clove!

She is dying to know! "What...What...tell me!" 

You are going to love it, Clove! more suspense....

A tracking collar! Now we can let her off the leash and she can go where you please.  We often take Clove walking on a leash,  and she has a nice, big cage, but we are afraid to let her run free.  Although, several times she has managed to escape,  has always run lickety split, fast as lighting all over... and come right back.  Now, we can let her go and not worry. Should  she  
get distracted and not make her way back to us, we can find her via 
GPS on the iPhone! We won't leave her out, but can let her 
wander about in nature while we are with her! 

She loves our dogs! 

And our dogs wait in line to get Clove kisses! 

Dogs can smile!

Clove made Sara LOL with her slobbery kisses!!!!

She is house trained too! You can't test the boundaries to extensively but if inside, she will go to the door when she needs to "do her thing"...however, you have to watch for it.
If you don't, she will find a towel or mat to utilize! 

See what I mean, she never stops - I am glad Cajun likes it and Clove is so affectionate! 
All of our dogs are so sweet to Clove and treat her like one of them.  

I have a thing for animal eyes. Especially this deer!!!!

And her face - How cute is that ????

Back to the tracking collar...we put it on, made sure it was up and running and 
we could find her if necessary and..........


I thought she would immediately run to the woods, but she seemed content to stick around
 and nibble all the tender vegetation.  

Not only do deer like acorns, but oak trees are a favorite. 
 Makes sense I guess. 

Any kind of flower too...Isn't she adorable?  I can't take enough photos 
of those ears and big, ole beautiful eyes!

Whoops...she got a little close here! 

More vegetation can see the mosquitoes on her. They were feasting too.  We  spray her when bugs are really bad, but they don't seem to bother her, 
and if she were in the wild, this would be occurring.

Cajun decided to follow suit and from the looks of things, 
is going to stick to dogfood! 

Hey Gorgeous! How is your first taste of real freedom? 

 We ( I mean Ellen and Cajun!) still corralled her when she got too 
close to the woods, as we just didn't feel 
really testing the collar out if we didn't have to! 

I took a break from Clove watching, which is hard to do and practiced some photography.  

My friend Mimi posed for me...isn't she beautiful? 
Even more so on the inside. 

I am working on photographing people and this was one of my first efforts.  I have a ways to go.  This is unedited.  Can't wait to play around with it and the others I took.  
Thanks for posing Mimi! 

Flowers from GranE's garden

Wildflowers - or Clove's snacks!

Mother's Day this year was such a calm, loving, fun-filled day with my family.  In the aftermath of my brother's death, I have come to greatly appreciate days like this.  It will go down in history as one of my all - time favorites and could have only been better had Elizabeth been able to join us! But I am glad she has the opportunity for such an adventure in South Africa (link to her blog!) and eagerly 
awaiting her next post! 

Happy belated Mother's Day to all...leave a comment and share how you celebrated!