Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Week

Yes, Memorial Day turned into Memorial Week this year! But before I get to far into the saga...

For those of you who have been worried sick about Tannenbaum, our little bunny with the "viscous, burrowing, flesh-eating Wolf worm" that caused me to have to become an on the spot, vet and fine tune my surgical skills - he is doing fine....superbly in fact.  

You would never know that he had even been through this saga...."click on this link"
except for the fact that I blogged about it! 

And he lived to see his newest crop of bunny cuteness....little "lion heads".  
They are adorable balls of fluff! 

This was the last day of school and Ellen had some friends over to celebrate! 

 But our real celebration of summer began with our Memorial Day Extravaganza...the boat that we have worked on renovating for the past ...dare I say it....seven years.....is finally ready to take to the seas! Well, make that the bayous of Louisiana! Ellen and I are here ~ being picked up by boat to join the crowd that had already start having fun!

Two hurricanes later (one of them Katrina), she is a a hunting camp by winter, and floating, home away from home, by summer. 

We got to where the boat was docked just in time to see a glorious sunset over the cypress trees. 

Our friends have camps all up and down the river, and the Crosbys joined us in their boat by tying up beside us for the night...Our huge, grey hunk of floating steel garnered quite a few stares as people would drive past.  Even the Wildlife and Fisheries agents had to stop and request a tour....there
just aren't many boats like it anywhere around! 

Tommy brought these fun, little floating surf boards to play on...now he is pretty talented in not only balancing on those boards, (which is easier said then done); but his real talents lie in being able to keep that beer perfectly balanced on edge, but not let it tip over, while he plays air guitar with the paddle (while wearing a Chinese hat)...really. if there were a category in the Olympics for this, he 
would be wearing a gold medal!

Now there are three, handsome fellas....make that three, handsome hungary fellas! 

Dinner was served

World problems were solved

Especially by Gary! 

The dock where we stopped had a band playing but SJ was a bit young to go in, so I kept her company outside...and somehow we bumped into the manager of the band, who before we knew it, insisted that the lead singer come out and give her signed CDS because she couldn't go in.....It was quite funny! 

As we were entertaining ourselves and waiting for the others to finish listening to the band....we noticed this boat that was full of what looked like bubbles...upon closer inspection ~ it was as it seemed; several fans blowing into a bubble solution and the boat was completely full of bubbles. Now I have seen some crazy stuff, but never have I seen this before! SJ was playing with the bubbles and I was taking a few photos and....

all of a sudden out pops this guy! Right out of the bubbles, right in front of us...I have to say that was one of the strangest things I have encountered. Interesting but weird....

We decided that it was time to pick up anchor and move on to our friend's camp, but first some boat maintenance had to be done...fortunately, Louie had brought his scuba gear and could go down to check the props as they had suspected something was caught in them..and sure enough ~ "Only in Louisiana" would you have a crab trap caught in the propeller. 

 And this is where Gary spends a good bit of his time....down in the Engine room! It looks like the Titanic down there...two generators....crazy machines....and many things that I don't even know the name of and don't want to know the name of! 

Cute photo of Sara and Katherine hanging out on the top of the boat deck, relaxing and chatting. 

We got underway and cruised towards our friend's camp....it is a beautiful river dotted with really unique, hand built camps.  When you stop and think about the fact that  every piece of wood, every nail, every little supply...has to be brought in by boat, it really makes you appreciate these works of art that are called "camps"! 

As we floated on down the river, one sight was more beautiful then the next -  the lighting was a photographer's dream...

Another cool camp

It was almost dark when we arrived at our friend's camp - I love this photo that I snapped....it looks so warm and cozy! 
I didn't appreciate Gary's boating skills until the next morning when I realized that he had to parallel park 100 feet of boat in the dark, with only three feet of dock to spare on both the stern and bow side (did I impress you with my boat lingo)?

Like we have worked with our boat, our friends have worked very hard with their camp...they too were affected by the hurricane and had to painstakingly renovate their camp, boat load by boat load of wood, week-end after week-end....that is why it was such a joy that we could all get together and actually relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor this weekend! 

See what I mean about the parallel parking...not much room to spare. 

We quickly got into the Memorial Day/Week swing of things!!!!

Floating, visiting, joking, relaxing.....

Catching Dragon Flies! 

 Swimming with Alligators...yes - you heard me ALLIGATORS! We had an Alligator that would not leave us alone.  Usually alligators are timid and will go the other way when you swim near them, but not this one.  And of course, the teens wanted to push the issue and see how "close" they could get to him ~ 

In case you are thinking this is a puny, little baby gator...think again! It was about 3-4 feet.

These girls would not leave him alone....

I kept getting distracted by the "perfect" Memorial Day sunset! I was trying to capture this moment and keep those children from "riding" the gator. 

I got the photo.....

and all of sudden, the gator went under and you have never seen children 
swim so quickly to a boat! 

The next day was thankfully spent without our gator friend,  more
  relaxing in the water.

Ryan - our nephew - grilling for us 


The nerve of this guy - I am taking his photo and he is asking me to get him a beverage! 

Lots of teens and lots of fun


Posing for group photos

Finally, on Thursday morning - the Memorial Day Party was over! Time to head home! We were up with the sun...and it was a beautiful sunrise.

More cool camps to photograph on the way

Ellen was worn out and just slept in the bottom of the boat as they ran us to the dock! We were not making the long trek back on the big boat as there were some real life duties calling us back to shore. 

Look how beautiful the Louisiana Coastline is....especially in the morning sunlight. 

I was looking for the smallest camp I could find and thought this won the prize...until....

I saw these! No bigger then a postage stamp....but all you really need...right? 
Let the summer games begin.....hopefully I will be a more regular blogger now...
Come back soon! 


  1. Oh I love all the photographs. Your boat if fabulous! I know you will get so much enjoyment out of it. Cypress tress and alligators...that is the Louisiana I remember. Bonnie

  2. hello
    wow so many wonderful photos....i love it all. you live a wonderful life.
    thanks for sharing!!!!!!
    love and hugs,

  3. This post makes your travels look so much fun! I hope your summer is just as exciting... WONDERFUL!

  4. Wow! I am absolutely dying of envy!! What a fabulous home away from home and amazing photos. I look forward to more adventures (hopefully not involving alligators) in the future.

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. Wow, what an amazing week! Your boat is fantastic! The scenery - well, it's a world quite different from mine. I don't think I'd be in the water with alligators? Do they not attack when you are in the water? Yikes! Being on the water is so relaxing isn't it? The ever-changing scenery. The camps were lovely - love the night shot!

  6. That boat is amazing! and it looks like such a fun trip!

    ~Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Oh, I'm dying to check out the Zoric!! Looks like an amazing trip- and some beautiful shots!


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