Monday, April 23, 2012

Animals gone Wild!

When you think of Louisiana ~ you think of crawfish, alligators, spicy food and now thanks to George Rodrigue ; "blue dogs".  I remember when I first saw a "blue dog" painting and was told they were famous..."really", I thought! My five year old can draw that ...right? Now, a print
 sells for $15,000.00 and an original...who knows how much! 
But, who needs an original George Rodrigue Blue Dog when you have.....


 an original, real ~ LIVE ~ Blue ~ tailed Dog!!!!!!
note the unique, strategic colour placement ~ the detailed shades of blue ~ delicately placed 
amongst strands of spun gold.....
doesn't this just "speak to you"? 

 How could we obtain such an highly, valued artistic object of value????? 

Do you remember the story of Devil Dog and the post I wrote about????
If not, click on the above link so you will understand what I am about to describe to you! 

This mild mannered pen was just hanging around minding it's business until.....
D.D. (short for Devil Dog, which is Cajun's nick-name when she is BAD!!!!!!) unbeknownst to
 little ole me, found it.....

I know that it was her because of the two strands of hair that are stuck on the tip (or what used to be the tip) of the ball point pen.  I cleverly extracted those hairs and sent them off for DNA analysis..and much to her dismay....I nailed her......just call me Detective Layne!

The big, blue tail had nothing, nothing at all to do with my was 
all state-of-the art forensic science! Everyone ~ hide your blue, ballpoint pens ~ she is licking 
her chops and looking for more! 

The only bright side to this adventure, in addition to having a priceless, valued piece of living art - a real living, blue dog (top that one George!) is that now I can really spot Devil Dog when she is
 plotting her next  devious caper. 

Number one :: She always holds her tale very high, and now she is very easy to spot!

See what I she is, getting into some kind of trouble in the bushes and .....

Here comes Libby to join can you tell who is who? Yep...I think I get the last laugh here!....Go with me on this makes me feel better! 
Anyways, what has been going on in the last three weeks since I have last blogged????...

Well ~ Easter ~ but that is a post on it's own...coming soon.  It was too much to include here!
 Lots of children,  family and fun! Followed by a five day trip to view colleges for Sara ~ so that is where we will jump in!

 Ellen tagged along ~ at age thirteen, she will have seen more colleges and know where she wants to go by the time she is a Freshman!  Here we are at University of Richmond
a fave of all of ours!

I actually packed light for this trip and left my Nikon behind so only have IPhone pics.  

Six colleges in four days equals a whirlwind trip but it was very productive! 

And we had FUN! 

The trip ended back at Elizabeth's college and we were able to visit with her for the weekend before we flew back.  The sisters had some nice bonding time! 

And we were able to spend more time and get to know Elizabeth's friends. Since she is so far away, I am  glad to be able spend a little time getting to know all the friends she tells me about! 

Once we returned to the land of Louisiana ~ life started to return to normal  ~ sort of...
I am starting weekly infusions to help my immune system get back to normal...

Sara WON our district race in the 800 ~ that was exciting and unexpected! I didn't have my big camera but managed to snap this photo with the IPhone right after she crossed the finish line. 
  We were so proud of her! 

My garden is coming along....hold on to your seat girls, that
  hunk-a-hunk out there is taken ~ sorry! Gary made my rows
 and we are trying some ecological, breathable material to keep out the weeds this year.  Hope it works as the weeds were bad and the heat even worse last year! I gave up weeding as I think I would have become a dehydrated, shrunken corpse in the 103 degree heat last summer. 
 I hope this stuff works! 

 On the menu ~ basil, several types of tomatoes, several types of beans, eggplants, "yard long beans", cantaloupe, squash and corn....and whatever else I decide to plant.  I just like looking at Gary "Hoe a Row"!  Had to say that ~ made you smile!

We came back to lots of baby bunnies...four babies are at the "fun age"! 

So cute - how can we sell them Ellen?  As long as she doesn't name them, she can sell is when she names them that it is all over with! 

This is such an adorable age....

It is truly hard to say which one is the cute one out of this batch...

 However, the black one is working it's magic on us and 
actually, Ellen named it, so I am not sure if it will stay or go. 

OKAY ~ now that we have had our fill of "bunny cuteness" are you ready for this...
really ~ are you ready...because is it GROSS ~ incredibly Disgusting!
I hope you have a strong stomach.  This is what happens when you happen to own lots of animals.
Life teaches lessons.
I will end my blog with some more baby bunny  cuteness but this story must be told; so if you are squeamish, skip the next few pics, and even if you are not squeamish, you might want to skip the next few pics. My blog is about documenting the adventures of life ~ good and bad ~ the girls probably won't be happy that this is on here, but here goes...Our adorable white rabbit...Tannenbaum - (he is a white Lionhead that was born last December), so we named him "Tannenbaum".  Anyway, he is somewhat of an escape artist, and if you don't batten down the hatches of his cage, he can "jimmy" them open and escape.  We were thrilled to find him about a week ago, when we returned from our
trip , as he had been gone for about a month! All was good for the first week, until Ellen noticed that he was very lethargic....and he had a sore on his neck. I suggested that she take him inside and give him a bath....I was outside when the shrieks started.  "Mommy come quick...there are larvae on him"!  I was in the yard, and larvae have gotten into a wound....When I got inside, I could see that the scab had come off the wound on the neck and it was very large, and I was immediately very concerned.  As I pealed away the remaining scab, I could see something moving in the wound...but it was large and kind of white.  Either a worm or a gland.  I was nervous to touch it, so I went to the all knowing, ever helpful, source of information in our town...our local feed and seed.  By now it was about 4:50 on Saturday so we barely made it before they closed and we ran in with the wet rabbit, wrapped in a towel & Ellen with tears streaming down her face.  Immediately, the owners huddled around, conferred and decreed:  It was a 

Wolf Worm....not only a Wolf worm,  but a vicious,  burrowing Wolf worm......they informed us that we could try to put Hydrogen peroxide on it and see if it would try to back out, but they actually didn't have a lot of advice after that.  That's OK...that is what the Internet is for...basically, it said, to take the animal to the vet ~ but at 6:00 on Saturday, that was out of the question and by now Ellen was really beside herself.  I decided that I was going to extract this worm...never mind that the Internet said it was septic if you didn't extract it whole...I just knew I could do it.  I don't know why but I knew I could.  I got scissors, tweezers, and other paraphernalia, hot water, rags, etc and got to work.  Ellen was my assistant. We cut away all the dead tissue to make the hole as large as possible ~ told you this wasn't pretty! Funny thing was that it didn't hurt the bunny at all, that tissue must have been dead  or the worm puts a deadener out I guess.....interesting.  No blood either.  Anyway, without getting to entirely GROSS, I managed to massage  and extract the worm out with little to no pain to the rabbit...

This was not a small worm....just in case you are wondering! Here it a small grub - GROSS, GROSS......Sorry to do this to you but this story must be told. 

This is the wound, the very next day....already healing up big time....Tannenbaum ate tons of rabbit food and drank lots of water so I think my veterinarian skills were quite successful.  As for that nasty worm; we let Gary check it out and then we flushed it and sterilized our kitchen....even though it is only contagious through the flys laying eggs.

Here he is ~ getting the royal treatment ~ in Ellen's room ~ She made him a special recovery space!

 Now that you have lost your appetite....look who  learned how to make chocolate chip pancakes!  I came into the kitchen and she had decorated them as you see here, so I had to document that! 

Sara is back at the sewing machine ~ YAY!!! We raided my mother's attic last summer "Visiting Tennessee" 
and found some very, cool (outdated) clothes from the 1980s and 1990s.  
This is one of the dresses. 

This dress was a knit dress, all one piece, flowing and hung between the knees and ankles...probably from the 1990s as that was the style back then...dresses and skirts hung almost to the ankles. Pardon the hair, she was not expecting me to appear and take photos and will probably not 
be happy with me when she sees this post!

Unfortunately, Sara just sits at the sewing matching and before you know it she is done with a project.  I happened to walk upstairs in the middle of this one, so I didn't get a before pic of the dress before she started. She cut the "dress" in half and shortened and gathered the skirt, then sewed it back onto the top and sewed a zipper into the top and skirt which is now a dress!  
It looks adorable and is so stylish! 
I took this photo with my IPhone to send to my mother, who previously owned the dress, so she could see the newly remade version.  

Additionally, Sara just starred in a play written by her Speech teacher/Drama was EXCELLENT!!! He has written musical, and comedies but never a serious tragedy like this play.  After months of daily practice, they performed to sellout crowds this weekend, and it was awesome!  There wasn't a dry eye in the crowd, including most of the men. 

In a nutshell, on the left side of the stage,  Tommy is the Sargent of a group of Marines in Afghanistan, and they are stuck, fighting it out to the death while waiting on reinforcements to come....and on the right side, his young bride is planning a wedding , expecting him to come home in a week.  Sara is one of her bridesmaids that is helping her to plan the wedding....Sadly, Tommy and all but one of his men do not make it out is a tear jerker to say the least. and a tough play for high-school students to pull off, but they did an incredible job! Oscar worthy!
Real blood, guns, costumes, etc...very believable. 

After every play, the actors line up and greet the audience ~ a nice tradition!  

And finally, we end with the birth of a new litter of baby rabbits.....

I did not notice this until I saw this photo ~ but look at the size of that baby's is twice the size of it's sibling...I am thinking I may have a 
"Guinness World Book of Record's rabbit foot" here.
 Don't get any ideas...that rabbit foot will not be detached from this rabbit!!!!

Cutie Pies - baby bunnies are born naked and are completely covered with hair in two days...these 
rabbits are about four days old. 

 Honey  is  a very watchful mother.

 More bunny cuteness

These are the four bunnies in the cage next to them, and they are adorable....I can't 
stop photographing them!

This is the black one that has managed to get a name...which probably 
means a home with us! 

I love this photo...I placed the clover right outside of their "birthing box" to entice them to come out, and here they are...barely poking their little heads cute!

This was their first real meal...We are weaning them and starting them on Rabbit food. 

Mama wasn't ever far away...I gave them food and she overlooked the whole process...he ate for a bit and then hopped over for a nuzzle! 

 And finally, our little black, friend....not sure what Ellen named it! He was enjoying the clover I gave them.  We often pick clover and grass to  give them "treats" to eat. I love the way
 Mama is just looking over it's shoulder.

Now that we are caught up, please leave a comment and let me know what you have been up to!

I hope to be a bit more regular posting so do check back soon!

No more Wolf worms ~ only bunny and other such cuteness ( I hope!)


  1. How are the immune infusions doing for you? I have one more left and then bloodwork to check my antibodies. But I'm pretty sure they're working, I feel much more like myself!

    Cute bunnies, I think I need to make an outdoor space for our 2 bunnies this spring/summer. But for today, everything is covered in a foot of snow. Freak snowstorm!

    1. Just starting them ~ so time will tell! Wow ~ snow....amazing weather we have this year!

  2. Wow! That's a lot going on...cute cute bunnies!

    Have a lovely day!

    1. Thanks - we love playing with them and never seem to tire of it...the Feed and Seed store like to buy their bunnies from Ellen because they are very "domesticated" by the time they get them!

  3. As always it's lovely to see you again! Your girls are growing up so fast!! And wow, more college visits :) I hope your immune system kicks in super quick!!

  4. GAG GAG GAG!!!! But also very cool, Vet Layne! It breaks my heart to think of an animal in pain, so I'm so glad that you were able to help. And those bunnies!!! So cute!!!

    Sara is gorgeous even when her hair isn't "done"... her eyes look so pretty in that pic from after the play (in the blue dress).

    Miss y'all, and hope that the infusions do some good. Thinking of you...


    1. Easter post is coming - it will probably be done around Christmas time!!!! I will try to get on it... but with this pretty weather, blogging goes to the back burner! I still think I missed my calling as a Vet - but I am getting some pretty good experience!

  5. Life is certainly busy down there in the bayou! :) Pen eating dogs, bunnies, colleges, plays, I know where you've been.
    Let me know how the garden netting works out ok? We have used all kinds of things and those pesky little weeds still get out!
    Can I ask what exactly is going on with the infusions? If it's too personnel then I understand. I have an auto immune disease so I am just curious. :)

    1. I wave the blogging white flag when life gets too busy! I will keep you posted on the weed control in my garden...I sure hope this works! But it was kind of pricey so we are only testing it on half the garden...I still get to weed in 100 plus temps this summer - Whew...wouldn't want to miss that experience!

  6. Wow! I feel so out of the loop. You have had a lot happening. My sweet schnauzer was notorious for eating ballpoint pens, lipstick, anything that came in a container. Your girls are so talented. Have a terrific week. Bonnie

    1. Your schnauzer and my golden would get along great but there would be nothing left in the house! We have to keep a sharp eye on her as she always wants to have something in her mouth! I have never seen a dog with such an oral fixation. I try to keep bones and whatnot for her to chew on, but just can't keep up with her! Thanks for the compliments on the girls...I will pass them along...have a nice week and weekend too!

  7. Wow - so much I want to say! How did I miss this? Your girls are beautiful - you are beautiful - that was gross....


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