Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who knew????

That watering my flowers could be so much fun!  It started all started with a flat of beautiful strawberries! Huh??? you are thinking ~ well, I will tell you!  They were so pretty that I wanted to photograph them and since the light is pretty poor in my house and it was beautiful outside, I decided to take them outside for an 
official photo session! 

It is OK, you can laugh at me ~ my children do it all the time!  
What you don't purchase your strawberries
in a beautiful, crystal pitcher?  Well, it is time for you to move to Louisiana! Anyway, back to my story...I was photographing my crystal pitchered strawberries in the 84 degree heat (one degree off breaking our heat record!) and I noticed that my plants in our hanging baskets were drooping and wilting in this early, unnatural heat.  I usually plant my hanging baskets in the Spring, water when necessary,  and when our ungodly heat rolls in in June, I give up and "let the best man win" as there is no way to keep up with watering.  Yesterday, I am thinking, "not already, really - am I going to have to start the daily watering now, because I will never make it to June!  

A resounding yes was the answer, so I got my strawberry photos and headed to the hose! 

Something made me snap this photo as I headed for the first basket and when I saw it, I was enthralled!  I haven't played around a lot with water and photography...suddenly, watering my flowers was taking on a whole, new interest! 

Now, Maisy ~ she had no interest in this at all - none whats-so-ever....she quickly slinked off, in high hopes that this hose was not destined for her. 

Much to her relief, this time - it wasn't! It headed straight for my hanging basket of impatiens!

There is one thing that I dislike even more the watering ~ and that is weeding.  By planting flowers in hanging baskets all over my yard, I can have my flowers without my weeds! 

I was quite the contortionist to get these shots...and amazingly,
 I did not water my camera in the process!

Here is a variation on the "stream" of water" - getting fancy here.... :)

And yet another variation ~ water droplets! 

My camera managed to make it through this crazy watering experience without becoming drenched, 

but that certainly was not the case for me! 

Even my annoying, leaky faucet was fun to photograph! 

I decided that this little fellow needed a bath.

Now I am getting out of hand......
I had to rein my self in when the neighbors walked by!!!!!!!

Even my wildflowers look pretty right now! 

Water droplets on the Ivy!

And one more variation that was captured ~ a wall of water!

For those of you who are camera buffs ~ the way I did this is to first dial your camera to the Manual position, set your shutter speed to 1/1000 or 1/1250 and your f stop to a low number...mine is around 3.5.  Just play around with it as your shutter speed needs to change a bit depending on your f stop, but that gets you in the general area.  Also, I had my ISO fairly high to help capture the was a decently sunny day, but I think that helped to capture the light in the water a little better. It makes watering flowers very interesting but a much longer and wetter process! 

After tiring of this, I decided to take some more photos of beauty.....

Maisy was just relieved that she was not the target of that stream of water....much more fun to sit on the sidelines and watch a crazy woman contorting herself into all sorts of weird positions and have her be the one dripping wet! 


  1. Oh, I love the water pictures! I did this last winter, with icicles, and just found about 60 shots from that day. I can't wait to test out water! I think it will have to be a bit warmer here, though- maybe a sprinkler day.

    Can't wait to get down to that record warmth!!!

    1. And we are counting down the days untill you come! I need a baby to hold! And some cute, little boys to go rock hunting and fishing wtih!

  2. Wonderful photos! Looks like you had great fun getting those water shots. They are all lovely!

    1. Thank you ~ I actually did have a much better time watering the garden then normal! :)

  3. The photos are fabulous! We are experiencing record setting heat as well, and the pollen count.....miserably high. Enjoy your play days. Everyone needs one or two, often. Bonnie

  4. I love the water shots, but the grass ones are my favorite! I detest watering and weeding is already taking up too much of my time! How am I suppose to knit if I have to keep pulling weeds?!
    The strawberries look so good. We are finally headed to the fields this Friday to pick and I can't wait.

    1. I really liked how the grass/setting sun shot turned out too....thank you Tracey! I was wet and itchy after my fun in the garden and grass!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed watering the plants with you, the photos are wonderful! I love Maisy sitting and watching the fun!!!

  6. Looks like someone was having a good time with her camera. Great shots!

    1. was fun! I am always trying to improve in the photography department, so this was a good way to not only water the plants, but experiment with the camera as well!

  7. looks like you had some fun! we have those same little purple wildflowers in part of our yard...any idea what they're called? i absolutely love the color and the delicate little flowers...they make me happy. hope you're staying cool in these record setting temps!

    1. I am not sure, but I think they are the flowers that clover produce! As much as clover distressed me when it grows where it is not supposed to be, that is one of the few perks!

  8. Your water pictures are just gorgeous !!!! Love them all.


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