Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games

GUESS where where we were last night, ummm ~ or should I say, this morning!!!!

And of course, Ellen had to go in costume!  And her costume required feathers, lots of feathers, lots and lots and lots of feathers.  Feathers that she cut off of boas (that I don't usually even like to have in the house because of all the little floaty feathers that come off of them!) and used to decorate her shirts to be the Mocking Jay.

All of her friends had read the books, and one was frantically reading the last chapter 
before she saw the movie! 

The fact that my children have so much fun with life ~ making their own costumes and dressing up when any occasion presents itself delights me, and I always encourage it...but when I say that I will be cleaning up black and white feathers for the next year...that is not an understatement! 

Here they are putting the finishing touches on the costume, counting 
down the hours until the movie starts! 

Just wanted to prove to you that I was not exaggerating....take this scene and multiply it times ten! 

"If at first, the idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it." -- Albert Einstein

"Ta Dah"............. :)

If you did not read the book, a Mocking Jay is a bird in the book that is genetically altered Mocking Bird with  Blue Jay, and it can perfectly mimic what it hears...and if you did
 not read the book ~you should! 
It is really a good series! One of those books you cannot put down! 

Here they are "flitting" around the theater....people would stop them to take photos with them...of course, that made their day ( or night )...Did I make it  clear that this was the midnight premiere?

 A few others dressed wasn't near what you see at the Harry Potter Premiere but 
it was festive. 

These girls had a very festive time! 

But, going to bed at 3:00 AM (yes, that is what time it was by the time we got home!) makes getting up at 6:45 AM a bit difficult...however, these girls pulled it off! I did ask them to show me what they 
really felt like.........

I thought so! 


  1. I just love how happy your family is! I bet they will always remember that outing :) Psst: I would not want to clean up all those feathers!!

    1. Well, I did not want to clean up those feathers either so that is why my children did so! However, it required several more attempts, which I did participate in! We are still finding strays in interesting places.

  2. Lucky girls! I can't wait to see the Hunger Games, my whole family has read the series. We have to wait for my daughter to come home from university though :( Maybe we'll go twice instead!

    1. I will probably go again when my daughter comes home from college ~ it is a movie you could see twice! I love that your whole family read the series too.

  3. What a lot of brave souls you all are!! That's not much sleep but I love how much fun you all got up to. :)

  4. Oh to be so young again! My nieces did the same thing and had the best time. I hope your girls enjoyed the movie.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. I can only imagine what it will be like to find feathers for the next few weeks. You are a very brave soul (and good mother) to allow a project like this in the house....I'm laughing...

    1. It was worth it, but goodness ~ there were a lot of feathers to clean up! We have vacuumed at least four times and still keep finding them in corners and under furniture!

  6. Love it! I can't wait to see the movie, though I'm thinking that it's going to be on DVD by Ellen is so cute!

    PS: Jabber Jay!!!!! :)

    1. Yes, the girls have corrected me on that!!! Need to fix that on the blog! Thanks...:)

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