Thursday, February 9, 2012

Super & Silly Soccer Shenanigans!

Our Soccer season ended last night; we were in the second round of playoffs and lost to a very good was a disappointment, but considering that we barely won a game last year ~ I was extremely pleased with this year's performance. The only two games we lost in our district were lost in double overtime - 0 to 0 and they had to go to penalty kicks to determine the winner.  (I know this means nothing to non-soccer players ~ so just know that we did WELL!)

If I had to name Sara'circumstances beyond thier control,, the team had a terrible season last year despite the girls playing their hearts out...fortunately, the school stepped up to the plate and replaced the coach ( not easy to do in a small school, when the coach teaches at the school) and we started this new season with nowhere to go but up, but with little expectations....not that we didn't believe in the girls and they didn't believe in themselves, but after the rough year they experienced last year...we were taking a "wait and see attitude".

It is always nice to be pleasantly surprised!  We won the first game, then the second...the girls really LIKED their new coach and they RESPECTED him ~ it was actually fun for them to go to practice again and fun to go to the games...

Sara is a very physical player and the photos I get are quite comical!  This is her "karate kid" kick! Anyway, back to my the season wore on, we kept on, tournaments...
it was unbelievable.

Another move that Sara is good at is "headers"...I often comment that I am glad she has taken her SAT and ACT before soccer season became active!  Not too sure how many brain cells are left after that ball hits her in the head at the speeds that it travels...OUCH! 

A coach that has the ability to take a team that has previously lost every game and instill the love of the game back into them, the will to win and yearning to congeal as a team is amazing in my book...
He is a true leader!

A great book about leaders is "Endurance ~ Shackleton's Incredible Voyage" by Alfred Lansing.
Ernest Shackleton set sail from England in August of 1914,  for Antarctica where he planned to cross on foot the last uncharted continent.  In January, 1915, after battling its way for six weeks through a thousand miles of pack ice and now only a day's sail short of its destinations the Endurance became locked inside and island of ice.  For ten months, the ice moored Endurance drifted northwest before it was finally crushed.  But for Shackleton and his crew of twenty-seven men, the ordeal had barely begun! It would end only after a near- miraculous journey by Shackleton and his crew through over 850 miles of South Atlantic's heaviest seas (in rowboats and frigid waters) reached the the closet outpost of civilization.  Even when they found land, they still had to scale a 10,000 foot glacier, get to the other side and make it to a whaling post to be rescued...the whole ordeal took two years in sub-zero Antarctic weather! Truly amazing, the will of the human spirit, and the leadership that Shackleton had.  All 27 men survived the ordeal! If you haven't read this book ~ you should! It will make all your problems seem trivial! 

But for Sara, we don't have to experience the frigid, cold weather as we are in the new season of Sprinter.....Soccer is over ~ she just tried out for Drama and is now deep into Drama practice as well as Indoor Track practice!  It never stops!  

She does have some fun moves! 

 But the best move of all is when she takes it down the field....

and kicks it in the goal!!!!


  1. I'm very impressed with your "action shots". The photos will make a beautiful scrapbook for your family.

    1. Thanks...I do have my blog printed into a book at the end of the year. Blog 2 Print does a fabulous job of taking your blog and making a "real" book out of it... even non-techies like me can do it! :)

  2. Congratulations to all the girls, they deserve it! Even if the scoreboard said they didn't win I do hope they are proud of themselves!
    My husband played soccer [goalie] for many years and then went on to coach for a few years so we are huge soccer fans!
    It sounds like you saw a great game last night.

  3. Your girls are so talented!! I bet you love going to the games and watching. I am sure you never cheer loudly...right? My husband played soccer into adulthood but sadly for him, our children never took to it.

    1. Actually, my husband never played soccer and all the girls took to it! Funny how that happens!

  4. If "only I was in Lousisiana!" Thanks so much for your compliments of my sewing abilities! I would really love to teach kids how to sew. I'm dreaming about a sewing studio some day (as long as I don't seem too much like an old granny by then!) After engineering, I considered teaching and had the opportunity to substitute teach. I had a knitting club at the school. I love to pass on these skills and think kids need to keep their hands busy! Unfortunately, it still does not seem the right time for me to open up any kind of shop with retail hours when I still have active school age-children. Perhaps if Annie goes on to study fashion design we can open a boutique/studio together. I envision a space where I can sell my wares and where people can learn to create - not just knitting or sewing - but all kinds of things. I think many teachers miss the mark when they are teaching. I remember a knitting class I took - it made no sense to me! So when I teach kids, I have everything on the needles and teach the knit stitch first. Then how to bind off and only THEN cast on! Early success is key. Last summer I taught sewing out of my home. Although I am blessed with a "studio" - it is shared by everyone in the family and it's not the most conducive to teaching - certainly not more than one. So I do dream about it....even if I could get into some existing space somewhere - start with classes....I know the classes my daughter's took at Joann's were not that great. I ended up teaching Annie how to do it....

    Thanks again!

  5. OK, now something relevant to the post! Those are amazing shots of your daughter! And I love how you summed up their progress. And, of course, I loved Endurance - one of my all-time favorite books because of the amazing leadership of Shackleton. I expect a lot from my kids' coaches - respect, discipline, character, fun....To me, winning often comes if you have those.


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