Thursday, February 2, 2012

Penny Party

It is Catholic Schools Week and in addition to celebrating that, our school is celebrating the fact that it is 100 years old!  There are not many establishments that can claim that fame!  One of the ways they are celebrating  is by having an old fashioned "Penny Party"!

In this house, we have a lot of pennies....

Back in the day, children would each bring a penny to school and play games with them...we started going through our change bowl and, boy ~ we have a lot of pennies.  We were hoping to find a wheat penny but so far, no luck.  

We are still working our way through this pile so there could be one in there
just waiting for us to find it! 

I am interested to see what games they play with them at their school! 

It is also the 100th day of school!  The younger ones celebrate by decorating hats with 100 objects and boy, do they get creative!   I did not have my Nikon, but snapped a few pics with my Ipnone.

Howdy Folks! 

100 pennys

100 strips of paper

 100 googly eyes

100 Lego's

100 buttons

100 erasers ~ I could go on all day.....there was no end to the creativity! 

Ellen didn't have to make a hat, but she did come home from school looking like this...she and her friends made a flower wreath for their head....I am guessing you can do 
that in February "Only in Louisiana"!


  1. How fun! Congratulations to your school!
    I have been saving pennies for about 30 years now and have amassed quite a few. Now when I pass I have no idea what my children will do with them, they are in several milk jugs that are too heavy to move.
    Happy Groundhog day!

    1. One day when your grandchildren are bored, you should have them go through and look for "wheat pennys" day, they will be valuble!

  2. I think if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the googly eyes. Kids are so creative!

  3. I love celebrating the 100th day of school. Ours is coming up. Congratulations on the 100 year anniversary of your children's school. I love tradition.

    1. Thank you....we always celebrate the 100th day of school, but having it coincide with our 100th anniversary made it really special!

  4. Our children just celebrated their 100th day of school as well! Thank you for posting all the fun photos of their hundredth day!

    1. I sure do miss having a little one at these times! They are adorable in their 100 year hat creations!

  5. Our schools celebrate 100 days with classroom parties, that was quite a while ago!

  6. What fun - love the creative hats! Our kids are not doing that many exciting things this week for CSW. My son switched schools and it has been a little hard, although it is a wonderful school. Our school was forced to consolidate with another thanks to our Bishop. It was over 75 years old and it still breaks my heart. It was financially sound, as was the parish, in a thriving neighborhood. I still cannot understand the forced decision...the parish stands but not the school. We moved on. Anyway, our kids are doing something with pennies for a water for Kenya project. I used to collect wheat pennies...


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