Friday, January 6, 2012

Unusual unedible jewelry

The great thing about living with teenagers is you just never know what is simmering in that brain of theirs!!! Last night, I heard some interesting noises coming from the kitchen and this was the scene I walked into........

Fortunately, now that I am working on my photography skills (and I just got a new lens
 in yesterday...yay!) my camera was at arm's length so I was able to quickly document this 
creative process from (almost) start to finish!

Here are the three tools she was using....there may be better ones to do the job,
 but these seemed to work pretty well when combined with 
a lot of elbow grease!

And you need a fork......a cheap, restaurant or cafeteria grade fork...
one that is easily bendable! We happen to have a good bit 
of these on hand as I bought extra silverware from Sams at one point to feed my
very, large extended family when they come for holidays!  

Now the fun bend, twirl, whirl and roll

:: Create ::

And in no time at time at all, you have a FUNKY, FORKY BRACELET...........

Dinner the previous night was a big batch of ducks...and as I was inspecting my photos for this post, I noticed that fork....I am pretty sure it is now finished with it's serving duties and is
attractively around Sara's wrist today!
We are in the midst of duck hunting season and my husband is an avid duck hunter....
thus the reason for many a duck dinner these days....sometimes I feel like Bubba and his shrimp from the movie of Forrest Gump  - we eat Duck Gumbo, Duck stew, Duck breasts sauteed, Roasted duck, Duck jumbalya, Ducks in gravy over get the drift! 

And since I am on the topic....let me introduce you to my "backbreaker pot".....
the best cookware in the world.  I named it the backbreaker because it literally weighs about 25 pounds empty and when I cook in it, I have to have help getting it in and out of the oven or I can (and have) thrown my back out trying to lift it! But, I have never met a pot that could bake anything to perfection like this is worth it's weight in gold!


  1. What a great idea and now I need to find some old forks to try it myself!

    I love your pot, is it cast iron? I have a HUGE cast iron skillet and with food and the lid I can't lift it from the oven either!

    My guy's would love to eat more duck [we have more shrimp here]! Duck season is out now,but all during the holiday they hunted every morning.

    I have been juicing for the freezer all week, like you we just barely missed a freeze. Of course we are now back to the 70's! Crazy weather.

  2. Yes - it is cast iron and therefore requires a lot of TLC! Seeing your photo this morning of all the orange juicing going on reminded me to go pick my Satsumas...don't think I will get lucky and escape them freezing twice!

  3. Mmm! Looks delicious! We've used silver cutlery for windchimes, and I love cutlery jewellery too! Very innovative! Sarah Kramer is a Canadian vegan cookbook author...she makes some wonderful innovative jewellery too (using scrabble tiles, for instance!)

  4. Wow, she did a beautiful job with that bracelet! Thank you for stopping by my blog today :)

  5. Congrats on the new lens, I am still holding out before I buy a new one. Maybe summer? Love the bracelet and I have some cast iron pots that are heavy but yours is the monster of heavy!!!

  6. Thank you! I am very excited about my new is a Sigma 17 - 70 f2.8....first time I have ventured out of the Nikon product range. I haven't yet had time to really experiment with it yet so can't comment on it yet. However, I did a lot of research before buying and read TONS of comments from others that bought this lens and it got rave reviews. The price was right. My dream is Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S Nikkor Wide Angle Zoom Lens but at almost $2000.00 I think I have to improve my photography skills before I can justify! Even then I don't think I could justify! If anyone has any suggestion or tips on lens, feel free to comment as I am all ears!

  7. The fork bracelet rocks!!!! So creative!!

  8. Your duck dish looks amazing, but I really love your daughter's jewellery - so lovely and intricate looking.
    I am thinking I will do a photo tutorial early next week on how I do my banners, but email me if you want to know sooner - it is just a bit lengthy if I explain it in words. x

  9. We're also finding teenagers have a way of keeping things very interesting. ;-)

    I love your backbreaker pot. Most of our cookware is cast iron but I've never seen one of those before - beautiful!


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