Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some of my Christmas "Faves"

First of all, a big THANK YOU for all the sweet comments you left about the Funky, Forky made Sara's day!  We closed the comments at midnight last night and will be announcing a winner on tomorrow's post.  Since this is my first big giveaway...I will be doing this very high-tech ~ by putting all your names in a hat and Sara will draw the name!  I hope to capture this with my camera for the post tomorrow! I know there are fancy, computer thingys out there to do the job and be really fair and square, but you will just have to trust us!  We are not that technical. (yet)

I love home made gifts - and this year  topped any year I can remember for some incredible and thoughtful, unique presents.  Elizabeth painted this for is her paddling team from camp this past summer.   She can name each kayaker and has painted them in their respectively colored kayaks, life jackets and helmets.  Elizabeth is in the white kayak and helmet....around five years ago, she went through a phase; her favorite color was white....everything - phone, camera, Ipod, Kayak, helmet, computer...had to be white.  Thank goodness Steve Jobs liked white too :)

This little clip board was painted by my two year old Godchild...the ribbons and
hand drawn note just top it off! His mother is super creative and is always producing something fun and cute with her children!

My nine-year old Godchild made this and I just adore is so unusual and so practical....a napkin holder!  I use it every day and think of him.  

This was such a surprise...Sara gave it to me....she found this photo among my 30,000 photos on the computer, cropped and edited to black and most of you, I am the photographer in the family, therefore am in little to no photos ~ so this is special. 

Now on to "non home made" gifts...this is kind of a combination of home-made and purchased!  It is my gift to my blog in a book!  I discovered this last year at (here is the link...Blog2Print Book)  and they do a fabulous job.  However, I am doing a bit more blogging these days so 
this year's edition was quite thick!

It is a glossy, hard back covered book with the photo of your choice on the front and back. 

Inside, your blog is printed on high quality paper, very similar to your blog as it appears online. 

You even have an official looking "Table of Contents"
Don't be intimidated ~ I am not a "techie" and I made this book in no time is 
unbelievably EASY to upload your blog and make it.  I really LOVE this product and it is so nice to have your blog in a book ...especially when you don't scrapbook or make photo albums.  My children love to sit and thumb through it. 

One of my "bucket list items" is to write a book....does this count?

Next on the list is the frother from Nespresso given to me by my mother....I have tried many a frother over the years and none even come close to this awesome machine.  You pour about 1/4 cup of milk in this gizmo, press that beautiful button and it is completely full of froth in less than a  minute.  I had one for two years and wore it out so my mother gave me a replacement this year!  I had forgotten how much I loved this gadget!

These were given to me by Ellen and Elizabeth along with matching double point needles.  They went in the knitting store to buy some circular needles for me, so I can make some various size hats, and the store clerk talked them into buying these.  The clerk said they amazing to knit you can see they are sadly still in the package, but that is about to change very soon as I am taking the train to visit my mother and plan to KNIT, KNIT, KNIT! (and visit with her!)

And finally - I do not have a photo of this, but I do have a link! 

The best water bottle I have ever used....seriously ~ check it out.  I will be giving these as gifts from now on....thanks for the idea and the gift Dottie! 

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see if you are the 
of the
I am really enjoying doing this giveaway - I will see if Sara will make a beaded bracelet for us as many of you commented on how much you liked it....and we will do another! 

Have a great day! 


  1. What an amazing and talented family you have there.
    I love the book you gave your husband. I have never heard of something like this [not surprising as I don't get out much :)].
    Have you thought about what you want to knit with your new needles? You have got to at least try them out, they feel so great on your hands.

  2. Boy, I am seeing new needles wherever I blog hop! I love all of your handmade gifts-it makes them extra special!! Thanks for the blog link about printing out a to check that out.

  3. Boy, that 2 year old is AMAZING!!! :) I took him to the craft store and told him to pick out something you. He found the little clip board... boring! But then he explained that he wanted paint- blue paint- to decorate it. It was "for your work". I guess I tell my children that I'm working when I'm writing thank you notes, 'cause that's what he meant! Hope you enjoy it- great for writing notes in the car!

    Hope that your knitting needles are super-fast! Jack has been wearing his precious hat- it makes his eyes look SOOO green- and he tells me that it's his frog hat. Very cute! Now Mommy needs one... ;)

    Could you and Sara be more gorgeous? Seriously...

    Nice chatting today!

  4. Such wonderful heartfelt gifts! I'll be reminding my husband in AUGUST to start getting our little ones to make some gifts for mama next year! The photo is beautiful...and your blog book just gave me an idea of what I want for my birthday! I'm curious to know how many posts fit in one...I've been at it for going on two years now, so I may need to do a few copies! Thanks for sharing. PS The photo of you with your daughter is so beautiful! PPS. ADDIS ARE AMAZING!

  5. All of those are such fun gifts, especially the black and white picture. So often it is the emotion and intent behind the present that counts, don't you think? The blog book is great and sure, I think that counts as writing a book....what a fun idea!


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