Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not so warm and cozy

As I said in my previous post....
we are finally having weather worthy of winter.
Jack Frost came to visit last night!

We rarely get frost so I awoke early to grab my camera and document this momentous occasion!

It was also very, very cold in our house this morning as one of the heaters decided that 
enough was enough ~ and it was just too much work to keep up with 
26 degrees temperatures outside...

So it was below sixty degrees in our house this morning...which leads me to the question of the day..
how do you people in the North deal with this day in and day out?  
Really, it just takes the life out of you! 

I did get up and get going this morning, but it was by the hardest....we threw logs on our fire, and huddled around it to get dressed.  Then I started our car and warmed it up so it would be a relief to get in our car from our frigid house! I needed a shower, but no way....if I lived in the North, I would have dreadlocks...I am sure of it! 

Come to find heater wasn't just needed a bit of a rest.  Our southern heaters aren't designed to run 24/7 so it just stopped. I turned it off and reset it....and it was good as new! 

Tonight, it is only getting down to 47...whew...back to our normal temps!  Soon, we will be back to turning on the air conditioner while we sit by our fireplaces again! 

But, this morning, as cold and miserable as I was.....I still enjoyed the beauty that winter frost brings....fleeting as it is. 

So clean and fresh


Everything has that wintry look - even the horses were blowing "smoke".

Cold - but beautiful


  1. I enjoyed my tour around your property, very pretty.

    Your horses are just beautiful. I need to remember to show my daughter in law when she is over visiting; she is a horse owner and trainer.

    It is cold here too and I am loving it,although each day it has been getting a little warmer.
    We are going to be in the 70's this weekend!

  2. This made me smile! Not to brag or anything...but two days ago, it was -36 Celsius here (which is -33 F, I think), that's the temperature of the wind chill. Yes, it's bloody cold. I think the difference is, our houses are made to withstand these extremes. Basements, insulation, and good furnaces. We have a wood-burning furnace AND a kitchen woodstove on days when you need an extra umph to the heating! This morning, the fire has died down but I can tell it's not as cold out because my feet aren't frozen!
    We dress in lots of layers, and our winter clothes are made for the weather. I spent a year in Ireland and was never so cold in my life because it was DAMP and the houses weren't really heated. Brrrr!
    Love your frosty pics...reminds me of October in Ontario!

  3. You live is such a beautiful area! The frost just makes it even prettier. I love winter and I love being very very cold. I dress in layers and wear wool-it is a great insulator. I am glad that your heater is not permanently broken :)

  4. Really ~ negative 33 degrees is unfathamable to me...I thought that temperature only existed in the North and South Pole! And I would love to wear wool but the moths eat it before we ever have an opportunity to wear it (which is about once or twice a year)!
    Love reading all of your comments! :)

  5. I took my sick children for a walk yesterday morning, and returned home to discover that it was 18 degrees out! Whoops. But you get used to the cold, the same way that you are not too phased by the heat. In my old La days, I could easily bear the 100's for months. Now I'm miserable if we are in the 90's. Great pictures of the country and the frost-- Tomorrow I will head out to get few shots, too!

  6. Yes - you just adapt your lifestyle. i would struggle in the heat of your Summer. Actually we don't get a lot of frost here, as we are on an island, but the wind is very cold. your frost was very photogenic. xx

  7. Glad you enjoyed your sliver of "winter!" I'm a northern girl and love the cold, but I also think I could get used to a southern winter :) I love your horses...I grew up riding so seeing them makes me nostalgic.

  8. You did a beautiful job capturing the frost with your photos! We have pretty cold winters here in Colorado, but the past couple days were around 60 degrees F! It felt like spring.

  9. gorgeous photos! my girls would be soooo jealous of those horses.


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