Monday, January 9, 2012

Giveaway :: Funky, Forky Bracelet

Big stuff going on on this little blog of mine....Sara made me a Funky, Forky bracelet to Giveaway!!!!!
Just leave a comment by 12:00 PM, Tuesday (that's midnight, January, 10th) and we will do a random drawing and announce the lucky winner on Wednesday's post. 

Good Luck!!!!!

Everyone needs one of these!

Sara has moved on and is now creating this bracelet...

maybe I can sweet-talk her into one of these for a a giveaway soon! 
(or a present for her mother, hint hint)

I tell you this girl is on, she collected a few pieces of driftwood 

and has some pretty, cool plans for it.....
I am going to leave you in suspense!  

Here is a teaser.....

And another teaser.....

Wow, look how good those bracelets look in action.....I hope you win one! 
I hope she makes me one......

Congrats to the Saints for their big win this weekend....we are on a roll!  
"Saints.....go all the way!"
And Good luck to LSU tomorrow...we will be in New Orleans, cheering them to a victory! 

Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. I think I might be your newest put my name in the hat for the Funky Forky bracelet!

  2. I would love to win the bracelet, it looks like so much fun to wear! What a sweet girl you have there.

    I collect and work with driftwood too. I made gifts for all my guys using driftwood, stain and my dremmel tool. I'll have to show you soon, :)

  3. Impressive!! The both look amazing. Great work.

  4. You're sweet girl has some amazing talent!! She needs her own Etsy store!! I would love to sport that and send others her way to purchase her cool funky wears! And GEAUX TIGERS!!! Wearing my LSU shirt at work today!

  5. Wow, she is so talented. How fun!!!! um....I really like the fork bracelet but I LOVE The beaded cool!!!!

  6. Cute bracelets! Sara is on fire! I've put it to your eldest to paint something for Jack's room~ I guess I need to hit up Miss Sara, too!

  7. Yay for giveaways! She is very creative, she must take after you :)

  8. Hi there~ A happy new year to you! Thank you for visiting my blog..I look forward to following yours. What an impressive red barn photograph you have for your blog. I love it!

    Lovely to be creative. A great place to focus your energies.

    warm regards

  9. Love both the bracelets! and I agree... the best part of living with creative teens is when they let it all out and show you what's been percolating in there! Great work to your daughter!

  10. Beautiful jewellery sorry I missed it. Your daughter is very talented. I look forward to seeing what she does to the drift wood.

  11. Wow - your daughter is talented and creative! Those are amazing!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog today. We must be kindred spirits to love Endurance so much - and thanks for sharing your experience.


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