Friday, January 27, 2012

Freaky Friday Farenheit

To say that that our weather is freakishly warm is putting it mildly...we are within two degrees of breaking the all-time record highs....

It has been HOT ~ around 80 degrees....for weeks now! All of our flora and fauna are confused; this beautiful Japanese Magnolia should not be blooming or budding out until APRIL!!!!!!!

Azaleas are in full bloom ~ Fred is happy about this! 

While I do envy the beautiful pictures of snow that I see on my favorite northern blogs, this "Spring within Winter" has been quite pleasant! 

Those blue buds are my sweet olive ...they don't usually bloom until May! Everything is discombobulated....and no is literally 25 degrees warmer then it should be right now. 

Warm enough to give a dirty dog a that not the saddest face you have ever seen? Actually, Maisy likes to be bathed! The camera happened to catch this expression, but she really doesn't mind a bath at all! She loves the attention and would be bathed all day if you scrub her all over!  

 The girls enjoyed the warm day by "Tye-dying " T-shirts with Kool Aid in the park.
You just mix real Kool Aid with vinegar to make the dye.....if you are interested
here is a link ~ "KoolAid TyeDye"

They really turned out nice and bright  -  so cheerful! 

And there is a lot of panting going on by our four dogs as they all have their full winter coats, and are now desperately trying to shed them (all over my house, thank you very much) 
I do hear that a cold front is on the way.....maybe we will have a touch of winter before we have to fight another long, hot, grueling summer!

Are you having  weird, wacky weather ~ do tell!!


  1. I am so worried we are going to have a cold front hit around Easter and then there will be no flowers!
    I can not believe my fig tree is budding in January...something I have never seen before.
    Well, at least we go a little rain last night which we really needed.
    Enjoy the [warm] weekend. Maybe we should all get together and go to the beach! :)

  2. I agree with you about the weather. I'm sure you saw the reports of terrible tornadoes yesterday in Alabama. If this keeps up, I'm afraid the fruit trees will flower early, leaving them open to another freeze.

  3. We are having quite cold temps here at the moment, hence the warm woolly socks, I do like the seasons to behave themselves, but saying that your garden blooms are beautiful and Maisy seems to be enjoying her alfresco bath in the sunshine..........tye-dying takes me right back to my school days, such fun.

    lily x

  4. Wild... for sure!!! Same here..( Texas) I am actually putting together a "summer in January" post of the kids running around in their swimsuits in what should be our coldest month..haha! It's making me fear this summer a little:/

    Hope you have a great weekend! Oh, and your photos!

  5. I know the plants should not be blooming, but they are beautiful to me :) I did a walk about yesterday and nothing is threatening to sprout....yet.

  6. We have had a much dryer and warmer winter than normal I think. It is a little disturbing as I am concerned things will bloom that shouldn't be (like fruit trees) and then a nasty freeze will hit and destroy the buds....

    Beautiful photos none-the-less! Enjoy the weather while it lasts right?

    Have a great day!

  7. I am not far from the La. border. We are having a mild winter as well, although not in the 80s. I love Japanese Magnolias. My mother had a beautiful one. Enjoy your pleasant weather. Bonnie

  8. As I took the dog out this afternoon it dawned on me that if you took away the wind, it was down right spring like out there! Beautiful flowers!

  9. CAN'T WAIT to feel that warm weather! And tell Sara that Maggie said that she thinks she would look super cute in a tie-dyed onesie~ size 9m or 12m. :)

  10. Fred and Maizy are so cute !!!
    Love your pictures and thank you for your nice comments on my blog.

  11. My dog hates baths. I guess every dog is different.


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