Thursday, January 12, 2012

And the Winner is....

Sorry for the slight delay in announcing the winner of the Funky, forky bracelet givaway...I was all set to wake up early this morning and have it ready for around 7:00 AM but my little ole Mac had other fact, it was acting so strangely, that I turned it off (my professional solution to any technical problem) and much to my dismay, it would not turn back on!  Very distressing to say the least...however, I recently discovered "Time Machine" and set it up (yay for me) so just about everything is backed up except the past few weeks.  Hopefully, if there is a major problem, they can get the rest of the info off the harddrive. It is at the hospital (Apple store) right now, so I hope to know something shortly...I rushed it right over as soon as they opened! Anyways....I am using Sara's PC and am back online...but enough about my problems...lets move on to the
winner of the Funky, Forky bracelet!

In high tech style - I wrote your names down and put them in a basket!

Unfortunately, Sara could not be here for the big drawing so she appointed Ellen to do the honors and the big winner is.........Buttah!  Congratulations - I hope you enjoy it! Thanks to all who left such nice comments! Buttah, if you will leave me a comment with your email address, we can contact you and will send it your way!

Today is a bit of a bummer because of the computer but yesterday was a best friend, Anne, has a baby goat and she needed a "goat-sitter" to watch and feed the goat while she was running some errands.  Since Ellen has been yearning for a goat, and we are an animal loving family, she knew she could just leave a message, leave the goat in a pen in the yard, leave the milk bottle and leave her worries behind! I wasn't home for the goat drop-off and when I pulled up to the house, was greeted with this adorable little sight - and he was HUNGARY!

Ellen was still at school, so I got right on it....

Please appreciate these photos - it is not easy to feed a super, hungary, baby goat and
 try to take blog-worthy pictures!

He sucked this bottle down in no time flat

Literally, I think all told it took about two minutes, and that was because, I would stop
to try and get a better shot with the camera!

That is what you call "Good to the last drop"!

Milk Mustache!

He was very sad when he was finished...I had to hide the bottle! But just like a baby,

he quickly moved on to other exciting adventures! 
 Exploring!  Tasting everything in sight! Jumping on everything in sight!

My steps were of particular fascination - I think the "hillbilly goat" side came out of him!

Why do I keep saying he...He has a name and it is Fred...Fred the goat
liked Ivy - NO Fred, not my Ivy!!!!

Fred DID not like Holly bushes - (wonder why)....also, while I am thinking about it, please ignore the terrible photography in some of these shots...I discovered that goats are super-hard to photograph! They move at lightning speed, and are always hopping, twisting and turning....and since I made a vow not to turn my mode off of manual, some of my photos are not so great....
Fred, you gave me a challenge!

Fred really likes flowers....good thing he lives on a farm with an owner that LOVES to grow flowers - right Anne? Anne, I am just going to give you two words of advice for this Spring....
Fred and I played and played outside.....we really did have a ball and I was so sad that Ellen had drama practice after school as she was missing all the fun.  I secretly hoped Anne would take a LONG, LONG time running errands.  Maybe she would even let Fred spend the night?

After a time, I needed to go inside and didn't want to leave him all by his lonesome, so I invited him to come inside with me...I think he was quite excited by this invitation!
He actually leapt through the back door.

And this went on for quite some time ~ in and out; in and out.....

I had been soaking red beans and wanted to get them ready for dinner, but how could I stop to cook when there is something this cute to watch in action?

Then Ellen came home......

and fell in love with Fred! And Fred fell in love with her.

And now the world is going to end if we don't get our own goat.......

This was the look I got when I suggested maybe we could share Anne's goat!

Now Fred, he really feels right at home with us....I think he is ready to move in.
This photo was taken right before Fred decided that the table was his next target to leap onto and in one flying leap he gracefully made it on top of our kitchen table.  One of his tiny hoofs landed perfectly in the hummus dip we were enjoying with crackers as we were laughing at Fred's antics...that is until he destroyed our hummus! Then this goat sitting Mama decided to take matters into her own hands.

Like any toddler that has has been over stimulated and played with a bit too much, Fred needed some quiet I cradled him in my lap....

held him calmly and stroked his little head.....and in no time at all

Fred's eyes grew heavy, his head drooped and his body relaxed.....

and I remembered what the best present God gave to his Mamas on this earth was......
NAPS for the tired little ones!!!!


  1. I especially love the last photo....such a beautiful baby!
    Once I had a calf that had lost his Mama. It really is time consuming to bottle feed an animal. They are always ready to eat.

  2. I am so envious that you got to goat sit! I have been wanting to adopt a cow and a goat, but still haven't found them. I will keep looking, especially after seeing your friend's goat.

    1. You have to feed the babies every three hours ~ will need a good goat-sitter when you run errands...too bad I live so far away. I could make this my profession!

  3. I am exhausted just keeping up with your visiting baby goat--Fred is adorable and what a day!! I hope you get to visit with him again, soon. Hope your computer gets better at the hospital.

    1. Sadly, my conputer died...happily, I have a new MAC!!!!! I miss my old friend though.

  4. oh my goodness...I LOVE the photo where Fred is Kissing Ellen's cheek....SO cute!!! What a fun collection of moments:)

  5. What fun! I am not a goat person myself, but gee, they sure are cute from this distance!

  6. Yay! I can't believe how lucky i am! My email address is My name ia Melissa Butter, hence the nickname buttah! I can't wait to show off my cool new bracelet!

    1. Congratulations! We are excited too! I will email you to get your full address.... Have a great weekend!

  7. What a cute little goat! In a dream world I'd love to have some chickens and such. Maybe one day.

  8. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! And that last picture, with Fred sleeping in your lap, reminds me of a picture of you with Maggie asleep in your lap! You know how to knock them out...

    Lorrie has a goat, too! She is named Natalie. Guess we should head to Sicily this summer to see her!

  9. Awwww, sweet little goatie! It appears you are the ultimate goat-sitter, and I bet all the little baby goats from miles around will soon be knocking on your door ;)

  10. Oh, I keep seeing adorable goats! I can't wait until we are out of city limits and can keep goats again! Thanks for sharing these sweet photos!

  11. Those photos are very sweet. I especially love the one where the goat is nosing up to that tiny yellow flower. That made me smile.


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