Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some times you get lucky!

 My day was super was the 17th of December, Sara's birthday,  a soccer game, lots of errands to run and last minute Christmas items to take care of....I got a phone call from my favorite knitting shop.  I thought I knew why they were calling ~ to let me know an  item I had ordered for a Christmas gift was ready...but when I answered the call the much to my surprise....

I was the big winner of this super nice basket, stuffed full of yarn, needles, knitting books and other goodies.  Even the  basket itself is handmade of rags by the shop owner.  It is comical that I won, as they have had this major contest running for the past three months and every time you made an item you dropped your name in the hat.  Well, some of the women had fifty entries and I had maybe - five!
I feel kind of guilty!

Isn't it awesome and I was so not expecting will probably be one of the nicest
 gifts I get for Christmas! 

On to Sara's birthday!  In keeping with our long standing tradition of "birthday hats", Ellen made Sara this cool birthday hat with seventeen birthday candles.

We had birthday dinner - and I made her a cake that my mother used to make me when I was young....Milky Way Cake.  The recipe is so old that it calls for 4 10c Milky Way Bars in the cookbook.  I called my mother to see what that was....and do you know ?  Ten cent Milky Way Bars!  

After winning my big basket of yarn, I was on cloud nine at the grocery store while looking for my ten cent (well lets try $1.00 Milky Way Bars) and when I got home I realized that I did not have my cookbook!  Now, I was completely distressed as it was a) an old and irrereplacable cookbook
 and b) I needed to make my cake!  So, I rushed back to the grocery store and Lady Luck was with me once again...they had it behind the counter!  

Here is the famous Milky Way Cake ~ the best cake in the world with yummy homemade icing.  What is PY DATY?  That is what happens when you have to scrape together candles because you forgot to get them at the store due to the fact you were high on yarn



  1. LOL HAPPY PY DATY SARA!!! And Happy Golden Birthday! Love the birthday hat! Very cute, Ellen. Cute pictures of your girls.

    My funny stories from yesterday:

    1) Charlie: "Mommy, don't tell me I can't do it. I CAN do it. I'm a teenager now." Um... okay. But you're four.

    2) Maggie beat up Charlie. Tears, yelps, bruising. That'll teach him to try to take the remote from her!

  2. Happy birthday!!! I cannot believe that you won that basket of yarn, you lucky duck! that looks like a lot of wonderful knitting nights.

  3. Julie, you have a funny story every day! Wish I could remember all of them from our younger years....


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