Thursday, December 15, 2011

:: Loving ::

:: Inspiration from blogs that I read..... all these items were tucked away behind closed doors, flowers in the yard and apples in the fridge......

 After noticing some beautiful arrangements on other blogs ~ ten minutes of collecting and arranging items I already had produced  a centerpiece that I love!

:: Hand blown glass balls made by my glad to  have enough to decorate 
not only my tree, but also around the house.
~ Her work is simply beautiful ~

 :: I fight to keep the jasmine in her proper home year-round except when I need it to decorate around Christmas time ~ then we become old friends.

 ::  Preparing for a special girl to come home from college for the holidays.

:: My new simplistic gift wrap

:: Our discovery that there are two artists in the family...move over Elizabeth!

This is Sara's final in Art ~ they could imitate any artist and she chose Van Gogh....
I am scoping out a space for it when it returns!

 :: our crazy ornaments that one particular friend gives

us every year

without fail!

Simple, useful decorations this year....

:: My gift idea for this year...

My favorite photos I have taken uploaded into note cards!

Twelve sets and each person will get twelve different cards.

:: Cozy corners clean for the holidays - children playing music

:: Steak dinner to welcome Elizabeth home!

:: Her, smiling, enthusiastic, happy personality - it completes our household

 :: Our park across the street from us - so festive for Christmas, I feel no need to ever put lights up when we can walk outside and see this every night! 

 :: After dinner stroll with Elizabeth checking it out - glad to have her home...

 ....and she is glad to be home. No more tests, papers or classes for a month....and if goes
as she anticipates a 3.75 for the semester!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. I love the photo card ideas! I might have to do that next year. I love the hand made ornaments, you have very talented people in your family.

  2. I looked. :) I will pretend I didn't see. Might not be for me, anyway! lol!

    Love this post- and for some reason I got so emotional seeing Liz in that steak dinner shot. She is so beautiful, and so grow-up. And I'm SOOOO proud of her for her grades! And even more proud at how confident and poised she has become as a college woman. LIZ- YOU'RE AMAZING. And hilarious. :)

    Merry Christmas!

    PS to all of your artists... I could use some art!!


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