Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A special visit

My mother, myself and Ellen recently visited Elizabeth for "Family weekend".  It was great to see her and doubly great to have my mother join us from TN. 

All of Elizabeth's friends were amazed at how much she and Ellen looked alike! 

After a hard day of traveling - my connecting flight was canceled - we finally made it...Liz picked us up, and we headed to see her campus. 

My mother made it with no problems so that was a blessing!  

Yep, she is pretty much ageless!  Oh ~ and that scarf I was knitting to give to a special birthday girl....there it is!

There was a bit of a nip in the air, so it really felt like fall as we walked about campus
that evening.  Ellen and Grams had not seen the campus yet, so we took an evening stroll and gave them a walking tour. 

The evening was topped off with dinner at the "Prime Steak House" on Campus

Welcome to Elizabeth's dorm room! 

Out and about - family weekend was great as we spent the majority of the time on campus.  There were more activities then we could possibly take part in but we did our best to see and do as much as possible!

One of the activities we really enjoyed was dining in all the various eating establishments about the campus!  They have patterned them after various types of restaurants and the food is delicious, fresh and a lot of it is prepared right in front of you.  Here we are trying out Elizabeth's favorite...

They serve many things here but she likes the fried rice station!  You choose your rice and all your toppings and they mix it up and prepare it fresh and hot.  This was not on the menu when we were in college!  They also do this with pasta and even have a wood burning oven where you can choose your toppings for pizza!  The food quickly won us all over!  

Next stop was "Grand Parents High Tea"....

Here we are on the balcony of the "Learning Center Library" 

Cute treats to eat!

This is my favorite place on campus...it is not only pretty to look at but classical music is piped in, the benches are lined with statues of classical thinkers and the sidewalks have famous quotes laid into them.    You can't help but be inspired as you walk through it.  

Laundry Time!

Back out for the evening festivities!

I took this to remember this planter ~ the flowers are magnificent everywhere you look.

This is cute - watch Ellen

When do you lose that cute little sense of adventure?  Why do we grow up?  When does it happen that you walk down stairs and you quit noticing banisters to slide down.....
and you don't get off the well traveled sidewalks and walk down the "fun" places ........
That evening was topped off with a production of "Crimes of the Heart"....from the college's drama department....it was excellent. 

Here we are on Sunday - waiting at the trolley on campus to take us to yet another eating venue.
Is it possible to gain the freshman fifteen in one weekend?

             Elizabeth had a tutoring appointment at the library so we accompanied her there.

This rose garden was particularly interesting as every rose bush was labeled.  We wrote down the ones that we liked and that smelled delicious.....

For Grams,  who frets year round over her over roses, this was a garden to drool over!
The President of the University's wife is responsible for the amazing gardens on campus and they have received many awards for their botanical beauty. 

Before her appointment, Liz gave us a tour of her favorite room to study in at the library - maybe because it has hot chocolate in it?

Sorry - but I can't stop photographing flowers!

Another fun thing they have on campus is their arcade and interactive game room

                                                 We played a bit to try it out

I have to say that I was the ball throwing champion!  But it was so beautiful outside that we couldn't stay indoors very long!

Our weekend went by quickly and we really got a great glimpse of what campus life was like...it is great to see Elizabeth so happy and satisfied with her choice.  All her hard work last year paid off and how wonderful it is to see her in a place where she is happy, comfortable and completely at home with a world of opportunity around her.


  1. That is a very lovely campus and I was drooling over the food way over here!
    You have a very beautiful famiy and you are right, your mother is ageless!
    Glad you had a great time.xx

  2. What a beautiful campus and you can feel the excitement of everyone being happy to be together. Thank you for sharing your weekend trip.

  3. Looks like y'all had a great time! I hear she is home for the weekend? Homecoming!!!! Can't wait to see the pictures.

  4. Cute pictures! I'm glad they turned out so well! It was great having all of you here.

  5. That little turkey was a cute treat? What ingredients was it made out of?


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