Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Yankees are coming....the Yankees are coming!

Yes, the Yankees are coming.....they are coming, they have come and they have gone....but becuase I am not a person that runs to the computer and immediately blogs as life is happening around me, you get the delayed version - kind of like they do on TV....bring it to you live but with a 3 minute delay!  So, as I enjoy the nonstop rain of Tropical Storm Lee, I will give you a peek at the crazy, fun weekend we so enjoyed!

To get ready we made some good stuff to eat...becuase lets face it, 
you can't go wrong when you give someone food. 

                    Our granola bars - well lets just say they were yummy but very crunchy!

 Eggs were washed

Many of the smocked dresses I made for my girls were in need of repairs, so
I pulled them out and put the needle and thread to all of them.  They were hand washed, dryed
and readied for yet another sweet little girl to wear.  Some of these dresses have been worn  by four of Maggie's cousins and they hold a  lot of sentimental memories and emotion in
addition to their home-made beauty.

 Grass was mowed to perfection....better than a golf course (Tim and Pat - no need to go to those fancy golf courses, check this out)! 

These dresses hold so many memories for me and have so many more in store for Maggie!

The boy's bedroon was gussied up - I have been wanting to make a bedspread like this for some time now...GranE made this ....way back when - before blogs inspired people to do creative, cute things like this.  You see, that generation didn't have to be inspired, they are the inspirers, they are the people that just do - they preserve, they sew, they quilt, they knit, they bake, they KNOW -  without having to look it up on the computer.  Gran-E took different sacks - cloth rice sacks, sugar bags, peanut bags and such and just sewed them on top of an old quilt.  And look how darn cute it is....I have been saving my cloth bags as I get day I will make that quilt!

 Welcome gifts were waiting in anticipation of some very special 
guests coming in town for a very special occasion. 
The baptism of the newest member of the family!

After all that baking, the two Ellens relaxed in the pool and anxiously awaited the arrival of 
our Yankee cousins, aunt and uncle!
And finally - the big arrival of the star of the weekend....
Margaret - affectionately known as Maggie Moo

Everyone wanted a turn with Maggie; she is a dream - just snuggles in with whomever is holding her.  Such a fun baby to hang out with! Her grandparents rightfully got first shot!

Love this photo of Maggie and GranE.  Maggie is telling GranE "all about it" and just talking ninety to nothing.  You know how those three month olds coo and really,
 they talk - we adults just can't understand them!

Charlie didn't like that bed - not one little bit!

They were so cute and had all their "secret hiding spots" set up all over the room - behind the crib,  on top of the bunk.......even at their young age, they would disappear and play their own little imaginary games. And the good thing about making a quilt out of sugar and rice bags is rugged!

Everyone  opened their welcome gifts and one of the really sweet gifts was a photo of MeMe (our great grandmother who is no longer with us) in her christening gown.  Family, History, Love and Memories...that is what this weekend is all about.

First thing on the agenda - SWIMMING!

And yes, my Godchild does look terrified in this picture, but he is having a blast - right Jack!

Is this a Yankee baby or what? She basically spent the weekend naked because she perspired (polite, southern term for a lady that is sweating) so much.  Here we are looking at old photo albumns that GranE so thoughtfully was fun to see who looked like who and what those crazy folks were doing THIRTY (yes Julie  - thirty) years ago.

Swimming was fun, but when they tired of it....

We went rock hunting!

Found one!


And being the good big brother, Charlie made sure that Jack always found a rock.

Our baskets got weally  - I mean really heavy!

Guess what is coming up....just in the nick of time because Jack's basket is so full of "wocks" he can't even carry it any more!

The horses!  Nellie seems to be the flavor of the day!

Charlie had no fear and loved them - He helped Aunt Layne get hay and put it out for them to eat....

Jack on the other hand, stood rooted to one spot and would not move!
He just stared in silence...trying to figure it all out!

As long as these horse have hay, they are happy!

Now that the chore of feeding horses is out of the way, back to the weal fun  - wock hunting
Wow - now Jack is really getting into it!  Look at those red faces!  Despite the heat, these boys are not complaining and are loving the country.

And look what else they discovered - my SWING SET!!!!!!

I think Charlie has pushed Jack many times as he went right to it!

As I was snapping these cute pictures,  I realized that poor Jack's feet were crammed in and he couldn't get them down, so I took a break and got him situated!  As for Charlie, we tried the other swing, but I quickly saw he was just a bit too large for I convinced him to try the

"the big boy swing"!  And he did fine! 


he is becoming a big boy!

We took a break after swinging and headed into the logcabin for a drink - these Yankee boys were doing great with the 100 degree heat, but I didn't want to push it.  Jack was fine but Charlie did NOT LIKE MY HOUSE!  Come to find out, it was all the deer mounts on the wall.  He has never seen dead animals on the wall staring at you, and yes, I would think that might be scary if you are a three year old!    Now as long as the animals are alive, it wasn't a we headed to the

Chicken Pen - when we got there, this was the look on his face.  He looked at me and asked, "Aunt Wayne, what is that noise?" I am listening and don't hear anything...all of a sudden it dawns on me; it is the chickens clucking that he is asking about! So I told he and Jack that it was the chickens and they go cluck, cluck and

that was all I had to say - he was right at home with the chickens!

And the city boy learned how to gather chicken eggs!

Jack got an egg too....right before he dropped it like one of those rocks he had been
finding all day!  Is he a Gerber baby or what?

But enough about boys - it is time to get to the reason everyone is gathering together this weekend
The baptism of this sweet little one.

Our morning began with Gran-E cutting her famous Zinnas to make beautiful arrangements
for the party after the baptism.


More presents were opened...Maggie is so excited she is about to burst.  Just rip the paper Mommy!

Naps were taken so boys will not be cranky!

The Dress, the one that has been worn by every member of the family since Charlie (Gary's Dad) was a babe,  was aired out.  This dress was hand-made in France and has been the familial baptism dress for our huge clan. How lucky we are to have this special dress in our family.

And not to be left out of the best dressed catagory - there were two
 little boys wearing their Sunday best!

And my two girls - they also had their Sunday best on for Miss Maggie!

Charlie - well, he was working on it......

Jack - he was not working on it but Tim had it under control.

Here she is in all her glory......

The Ellen cousins, Sara and Peter and Michael in the background

A budding photographer - he captured the moment beautifully

Is that child enjoying her private baptism or what? Look at the smile on her face and look at the smile on her parent's face; it was a sweet, happy occassion.   This priest is awesome with children and when you look at the photos you will see what I am talking about.

These children are ready for the after party!!!

A Blessed Family

All you have to do is
look at this face and you smile!

Same goes for this little guy - it didn't take long for all the cousins to change into their swimsuits and the name of the game - GET UNCLE PAT!!!!!!

I know this is a super long post but it is a super long weekend! There is only one more exciting thing to write about and that is our fishing trip!  So here goes...

"The Fish Mobile"

GranE and Charlie threw a bit of food out to get their attention! Hey - we are here!

It worked  - and Mr. Big Whiskers came over to vacuum up the food.

GranE tried to scoop him up - hillbilly style fishing - but they were too smart for us! We weren't going to keep them, we just wanted to see if they could be caught. It sure looks like they can as those catfish practically walk onto land to eat the food when you feed them.

I never get over the beauty of this pond

I could photograph it all day long.....

But we have FISH to catch...what am I doing????? And we can't do it with a net.
Back to the business at hand!

Jack was very happy to catch "grass fish" but Charlie - you know - he is a big boy and he needed to catch a real fish.  So we dug some real worms, and we baited some real hooks, and Ellen helped Charlie do some real fishing........

And Charlie - he caught a REAL FISH!!!!!!!

And that my friends, was the end of a long, fun filled weekend... Julie and Tim left very early the next day (4:00 a.m.)  and they will be back for Thanksgiving!  It will be here before we know it! We are so glad they came and can't wait till they return!!!!!!!


  1. Your best post yet!!! :) Great photos, though this momma better hit the treadmill before Thanksgiving and your sweet potatoes...

    We're missing y'all and all the fun. Charlie cries to go back to Louisiana every day, and I cry along with him. What a wonderful whirlwind of a trip. Thank you for all that you (and my mom) did to make it so special for each and every one of us. It meant so much to me, to us.

    Can't wait for Thanksgiving!


  2. ps I have stolen about 15 pictures from this post- so cute of my kids! But that picture of the dresses all spread out... holy smokes... that's amazing! Gorgeous.

  3. Glad you liked it....between both of our posts - I thiink the weekend is well documented!

  4. oh my gosh, amazing header pic! will you email it to me please?

  5. If you check out this post

    it is on there....glad you like it....Thanks!

  6. Tim and the boys just read this with me, and Jack LOVED all of the pictures... of him! haha

    Tim said, "What a great weekend." I couldn't agree more.

    See you soon!


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