Monday, September 12, 2011

To the Victor goes the spoils

The game always starts the same way ~ four dogs and a big stick.......

All four dogs jockey for their positions; tugging, pulling, shaking, twisting, and contorting themselves into some crazy poses.

Now the Mexican stand-off begins ~ Each dog is trying to take the stick for its own and will not let it go....however, 36 inches of stick is too much for four dogs to stake their claim on usually quickly bores of the the games..who will it be first?

They are all four hanging in there! Place your bets now.....

And it is Maisy who is left by the way-side first!  Typical - hanging on to that stick requires a bit of effort and that is not in Maisy's vocabulary! She has  her reputation of "Lazy Maisy" to keep up;  besides, she might ruffle that beautiful fur!

Down to three ~ Scout, Libby and Cajun....the young whippersnappers.  They won't give up anytime soon - as long as the stick can hold out.  Luck is with us today and they are going strong.  However, there is one of them who is losing their grip.  Can you guess who it is?  Hint: The black dog in the bottom right hand corner of the photo.

Wow, how did you guess that Scout is out of the are so smart and clever!  I guess that is why you read this blog. we are down to about a foot and a half of stick and two dogs that will battle it out for a while....go check your emails;, get some coffee, match your socks, purge your digital photo files, file your bills, paint your toenails, dust your ceiling fan.....

 knit a scarf, read the Harry Potter series, plant your garden, learn a foreign language, 

chart your genealogical tree, take a photography class, enter your photos in an art contest and hopefully win a large sum of money, oh, wait.....look drum roll please..... -  finally.....finally.......
we have a WINNER!!!!!!

With six inches of stick left, Cajun has successfully wrestled the stick away from the other three dogs and is proudly trotting around the field!

To the victor goes the spoils!

Speaking of genealogy ~ I found this old photo and couldn't get over the likeness it had to Sara...

I thought I had seen a ghost when she put this red had on and started mowing the fields;
 it is uncanny....

Really ~ such an amazing likeness!!!!!!! 
Ha Ha  - made you smile! 

Isn't she the cutest thing ever.....

Our horses think so

They also think they are the cutest things ever.....which they are. 
 They are the hungriest things ever too. But thanks to out diligent efforts this summer ~ we have lots of grass! 

I think this is a literal interpretation of the  saying "Eat my dust".

I love this photo and sadly, I don't know how I got it!  Just lucky this time.....

After losing to the "new kid on the block", Scout is soaking her bruised ego in the river.

"Won't anyone play get the stick with me....come on Libby ~ you almost won!!"

Aww...come on out and play again guys....I will go easy on you this time....I prooomiiiisseeeee!!!!!!

::  Some more weekending shots  ::

:: River time ::

::Daddy time ::

:: Sunny time::

:: Spraying time ::
This is the best new gaget I have purchased since my incredibly, awesome blender  - (click on this post) -  "Mr. Blendtec".....really ~ it is an unbelievable machine and I got all sorts of work done this weekend.

:: Lounging time  ::

:: Feeding time ::

:: Moon Watching time ::
A luminous full moon,
one that I am not yet talented enough to photograph.
If anyone has a tip ~ PLEASE leave a comment!

:: Nuzzle Time ::

Ellen ~ with her horse Doc....getting that velvety nuzzle ~ from across the field, I captured this special little moment and then had some fun in the editing department with it. 

:: Editing Time ::
Have a great week! 


  1. You pictures and your property are beautiful! What lovely horses. And dogs :) Is that old barn in your header your barn?

  2. I loved the stick tug of war!!! Too cute and action packed intense. Your weekend looks like so much fun.

  3. What a fun weekend. I do love the old picture of the woman on the tractor and the one of your daughter [?]..beautiful! xx

  4. Actually, that barn was designed and built by my father-in-law! It is rather unusual! And the black and white photo is really Sara ~ just my weak attempt at a little humor! Thanks for the sweet comments.


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