Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello there!

OK ~ I have fallen off the blogging wagon...once again; but I have a good reason!  I am back into my knitting OBSESSION!  It started with a class at our cute little knitting shop we have in time I go, I am going to photograph it, as it is just adorable and is so inspiring!  I took a class on how to knit a hat on circular needles and use double point needles....and that got me 
back into high knitting gear!  

Looks so easy when you look at this photo - right?  Well, it has been ripped out no less then five times and should have been ripped out a sixth but I was too tired to do it.  
I nick-named it HFH ~ Hat from xxxx.

That top little part on the DPN (knitting lingo for double point needles) should NOT be rough....but that is what I get for going ahead of the class and thinking I can finish it on my own....oh well, it is for a baby (Maggie) and she will never know the difference.  Besides, we are also learning how to make a cute I-cord with a pom -pom for the top, so my plan is to make the pom pom really BIG and cover the whole thing may be so big, you won't even see that cute little Maggie under it!  

Once I finished the hat, I started on something that was a bit easier and less stressful - a scarf!  

It came out adorable and is for a special person with a birthday around the corner...I will be able to take some photos soon of them wearing it so I am will see them on the blog soon!

And another reason for my lack of blogging was a quick trip to Atlanta to meet Elizabeth - hence this scarf was born on the plane that it takes so LONG to fly anywhere....knitting is a very nice thing to do on a plane!  At least you feel like you accomplish something in all that time you spend sitting around! 

 Unfortunately, the trip wasn't a FUN was to continue the dental work on her teeth.  We are in the home stretch now and the end is in sight.  One more appointment after this and she is done!  It was great to see her.  We were able to have lunch and catch up on college life before she spent four hours in the dental chair and literally RAN highspeed through the Atlanta airport to make her flight back to college.

Sara has been busy ~ This is her latest work of art ~ her project for art class was to make something artistic  out of trash!  They had to have some sort of inspirational quote as well to go with the project..if you have some young children ~ this is a fun "I Spy" Game
Can you find the
1. comb 2. Bic lighter, 3.Starbucks lid, 4. match, 5.tape dispenser, 6. pecan, 7.whistle, 8. battery, 
9. car remote (Sara - I am not happy about that one - just because the battery was dead does not mean it doesn't work!) 10. barrette

The chicken body is made of shredded coke cans and the tail of Sprites - the base is an old desk from her school.  Pretty amazing what you can do with trash these days! 

This weekend, we were delighted that a camp friend from Mississippi was able to come visit.

The girls had a great time catching up on life since summer!

Just a cool photo of a cool mushroom....

Jordyn had never gathered eggs!

Snuggling in to watch movies


  1. I learned to knit last year by watching Youtube and have knit every single day since! I do understand the obsession!
    I love the art work your daughter created. I think I may borrow this idea for my son.
    Happy knitting. xx

  2. Look at your knitting!! Looks just fantastic :) Glad to read that the dental work is nearly done, our son was "friends" with dentists, orthodontist, periodontists, and root canal specialist--not fun! He is getting his wisdom teeth out over the winter break and I think we will be good!!

  3. Love, love, love the recycled art! Finding beauty in trash is always awesome!


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