Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Fondue for Dinner - Its Fun! 

It began quite simply...

An afternoon rollerblading excursion...

 to the local grocery store...

Ellen selected a nice cut of beef.....

and on the way home, I thought.....

 (whoops) one of them is going to take a nose dive!
no...I really didn't think that...I thought ~ it would be fun to have fondue for dinner!

So we chopped up some chicken, beef and potatoes, steamed artichokes for a side, lit a Sterno can, poured some canola oil in our fondue pot and started to cook.  Ellen had a few friends over who had a) never had fondue, and b) never had artichokes...maybe we should have stuck to pizza????

However, expanding horizons and palettes are a good thing and her friends seemed to enjoy 
trying something a bit different. 

Rachael even liked the artichokes!  We laughed that everyone has their own style of how to stack the leaves....some are "neat stackers" are some are not.

Ellen is a neat stacker!

Fondue was such a fun dinner that we did it all over again with Sara and Katherine!  
We learned that "a watched pot never boils"!

Fondue is meal that inspires conversation as you patiently wait for your meal to slowly cook before your eyes.  

It is fun to take some time and have a long, relaxing meal and really talk
 to one another while you have dinner. 

The girls got a bit creative in their zest to cook and began to 
experiment....first we tried....

a sugar snow was OK...not too bad, but not great......

Katherine figured the broccoli would taste pretty good - and it we added
 that to our "meat-a-thon"!  

Things got out of hand when Sara took a chunk of artisan bread and decided to fry it in the fondue oil....needless to say....

It was not a good thing! 

But overall - we have thoroughly enjoyed our fondue and our fondue experimentation - next time I will be armed with a few more squash type veggies!  
Our next adventure will be cheese fondue - the artesan bread will have a home there. 


  1. Yum!

    That picture of Katherine with her broccoli and... her beer! LOL! Looks like y'all had fun~ I can't wait to do fondue with my guys. We're still working up to, well, solid food! :)

    We're going to start practicing our smores techniques for Thanksgiving!

  2. I think I would hold off on ummm...a few years before fondue ~ Jack + boiling oil + a lit sterno can + sharp, pointy fondue forks that can poke your eyeball out = big trouble! And, you know the beer was mine! Don't get my poor Katherine in does look suspicious! I should probably go back and fix this post!

    Yes, you better practice your S'more roasting ~ you will be cooking with the professional....maybe I will get a tutorial up before then to help you out......

  3. Every summer my sister's and I would fly to MS. to spend the summer with my grandparents. The high light of the trip was we always had fondue every weekend. I have not thought about that in years so thank you! I am now thinking I need to get a fondue pot for my guy's here! The only problem is they are endless pits! Ha. xx

  4. Haven't had fondue in sounds wonderful! Thanks for the idea!

  5. Looks like fun! I would totally do that at HPU if it weren't a fire hazard!


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