Monday, September 19, 2011

The Agony of "Da feet", The thrill of......

A Homecoming Date??????  Yes, that's the midst of gritting out a three mile, hilly (well, what we call hills in LA) cross country race, Sara gets asked to her school's homecoming!

How on earth does that happen, you might ask? Keep reading and I will tell ya!

It is hard to tell from this photo, but these girls stomachs are churning with Sara says, she begins to get nervous around Thursday and stays that way until the race is over on Saturday!  

They are off! Once they run, it is like a huge weight is lifted off their shoulder, and they have a 
few days until they get to do it all over again! 

So, back to how this whole Homecoming date thing happened....their high school is like none other that I have witnessed when it come to asking out girls for Homecoming.  The guys try to think of the craziest, zaniest, most memorable ways they can possibly ask a  girl out.  

When  Elizabeth was a freshman and I was new to the school, it was shocking to me... that a boy would publicly ask a girl out in front of the whole school in ways such as: billboards on the side of the road, balloons all over the girl's car, signs all over their locker, flowers delivered to them in the middle of class, principals calling them to the office and having a note there asking the girl, golf balls spelling out the question in their front yard,  the list goes on and on.....

Last year, a boy wrote a song and sang it at lunch time in front everyone to ask Elizabeth!  Their creativity knows no bounds and they just don't seem to be embarrassed about
 the whole public aspect of it!  After five years of highschool, I have now become quite used to the ideas and look forward to hearing all of the fun ways these girls get their dates. 

Now, picture Sara , sweaty, huffing and puffing ~ three miles up and down hills (even Louisiana hills) is difficult!  And, as she is running, there stands this cute boy, with a cute sign that says:
Sara ~ Homecoming ????

1. She manages to see it....
2. She manages to read and process it with the oxygen deprivation going on in that brain! 
3. She manages to say yes in the split second that she does all this while running by him!
I am impressed! 
Here she is, giving me the only hint of a smile I got the entire race....not sure if this was before 
the big question was popped or after, but she told me she spotted the camera and did her best to smile for me!  My sweet Sara. 

Needless to say, this wasn't the best time she has ever run, but it wasn't her worst ~ and it is the first time she has ever crossed the finish line with a homecoming date in hand! 

Here she is at the very end of a killer course ~ the finish line is a sight for sore eyes! 

Time to go shopping! 


  1. AWESOME!!!! HAha I love it! She is so cute. And I adore the picture of her holding ellen! My nieces are so sweet.

    Who is the date??! What will the dress look like?! Are you shopping for dresses or fabric? Can't wait to hear the details!

    Hilarious post- and she'll love reading that when she's old and surrounded by little ones, like me! :)

  2. I think that is one of the sweetest stories. I love how the boy's ask the girl's, so very creative and brave! As the mom of 4 boy's I can honestly say I wish that custom was carried out here!
    And those are two very beautiful daughter's you have. Have fun shopping. xx

  3. Isn't high school the greatest time as a mother? I chugged through my own years but I thoroughly savored my two kids high school years, more so than them at times :)

  4. i've never heard of boys asking girls out so know in case they said no ;-) hope y'all have fun dress shopping!

    ps: where are you in la?


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