Monday, August 8, 2011

They are Home!

The Girls are home, the girls are home....Elizabeth is home from her week in Colorado and the other two girls are home from their five week long camp stint in North Carolina!  I have always wanted to have a "Welcome Home" party and have all their friends around for the big homecoming but circumstances did not allow for it; that is until this year.  We decided to fly the two younger girls home from camp and it ended up that they were coming home on they same day as I called Elizabeth's friend Katie, and asked her to gather the friends for a party.  Elizabeth was in on the secret but the other  two girls were clueless ~ and totally surprised!  

I started by sprucing up the house and getting everything ready for them.  
I wanted it clean one last time!

We drove to the airport with great anticipation while their friends were left in charge of the house!  I left the food and a few instructions of when and what to place out.  

The flights were right on time and before we knew it, they were here  ~ very tired from 
staying up ALL night the night before and full of tales! 

There was so much to catch up on! The chatter was non-stop. 

Before we knew it, the bags were collected.....

and we were off!

Their camp website publishes  daily photos so I printed all the ones I could find with the girls in them and put them into a photo album.  Try to find a nice photo album these days...they are just about non-exsistant.  Gary and I went to four stores looking for photo albums and had such a hard time finding them!  I guess people aren't printing photo albums anymore since the age of digital technology has arrived.  I was shocked! None-the-less, we found one and it was fun for them to see all the pics of all their escapades.

First order of business on the agenda was to greet the dogs ~ Scout was very happy to see her "Sara".  My camera was fogged from getting out of an air-conditioned car into 100 degree heat! 

And here is my cute Ellen, loving on Libby...everybody inside is about to die right about now.  I am sure they are wondering just what is taking so dad-gum long to come into the house!  

FINALLY - and when we enter - they come out of the wood work and shock my girls to death!  They were behind couches, under tables, in closets...

It was a good, old fashioned, SURPRISE party!


My photography was awful!

I must have had the camera on a weird setting.

The pictures are blurry, but at least we have them!  And the party was so much fun! 

And even though the girls were tired travelers, you would have never known it.
They had a ball!

This is one of her "bestest" freinds from Pre-K....when she met her at the age of four, she came home and told me, "Mom, I met the cutest little girl with the curls today!" ~ and she would always refer to her as the girl with the curls!

They all stayed for a long time and had a lot of fun....

Isn't this an adorable cake?  Their good friend Elaina made it for is an anthill with the ants coming home to it....and she made name-tags for Sara, Ellen, Elizabeth and Katherine!  
My little ants are home! 


  1. They're home! They're home! Yay!!!

    Seriously, great post! I love that you had a surprise party for them- you are such an awesome mom. And how beautiful are the girls??!?! Love Sara's dress- and her gorgeous highlights from all that outside time! And Ellen seems to have grown up... still my little Reese Witherspoon. So pretty. And Liz... don't get me started! She looks a lot like Dottie did at that age, if you ask me. Love seeing these shots!

    Oh- JoAnn Fabrics sells Waverly picture albums that are really pretty and stylish- cool fabrics, pretty ribbons. Hobby Lobby probably does too.

    See you soon! Maybe... more on that later.

    So glad the gang is back! Hugs to everyone.


  2. Thanks for the tip - we looked at Hobby Lobby and walmart and lots of other places...don't have Jo - Anns. Going to have to order some off the internet for next time...I finally dug around the house and found some unused ones that worked!

    So sad that you can't come but you are doing the right thing! We will miss you. At least I get to see a lot of pictures.


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