Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fat Man's Misery

We were all set to have a nice day of horseback riding......

and then the rains came.

it rained and rained and rained

Change plans  ~  pull out cook books!  Ellen and her friend settled upon this 
interesting looking recipe.  It really is all in a name that makes you choose something, right?
 Books, movies  ~  recipes. Fortunately,  we just 
 happened to have all the right ingredients ...... so Fat Man's Misery was our choice.
Except for Oreos, so we made a graham cracker crust instead!

The first step was to pound out the graham crackers

All was going well, until Ellen called me over to check out her creamed butter and sugar ~ one look and I knew something was wrong!  This is not the fluffy, yumminess I am used to seeing!

As I was studying the recipe to see what could have gone wrong, Rachel snapped this photo. My super sleuthing skills paid off as I am a pro at having to review recipes to figure out where I screwed something up....bingo ~ yep, I got it! See in the recipe where you are supposed to cream the sugar and butter and then add an egg.....well, Ellen used the 1/2 teaspoon of sugar instead of the cup of confectioner sugar!  So, it was correctable and we got to make it even MORE fattening by adding the powdered sugar. You can tell this is a very old fashioned cookbook....no helpful hints here;  you have to be a seasoned chef to get these recipes right1 

It was YUMMY!!!!!!

Top it off with OREOS and prepare for goodness. It really is an easy and fun recipe! 

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  1. Fat Man's Misery? Sounds like Fat Man's Heaven... and Dieting Aunt Julie's Misery!!! Mmm... butter, sugar, oreos, graham crackers... Heaven!

    Pretty picture of the water running off the roof- and I love your "sleuthing" picture!! Pesky recipes...

    Hey- do your girls still make those awesome pot holders?


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