Saturday, July 16, 2011

When it rains, it pours!

Wasn't it last week that I was complaining about NO RAIN?????
Now, we are blessed with rain, sweet rain....and even though it is with us on a daily basis, I am happy to have it. As the gardens in the northern part of the country are starting to produce, ours are sadly coming to an end...except for my "magic beans"! They have become so prolific, I had to prop them up with a pitch fork!

Someone told me about planting kidney beans straight from the "Camellia" package. So, I tried it!

It worked and here they are!  I kid you not, I just opened the same package that we make our red beans from, and planted them; Voila, up popped beans and they grew like wildfire.  Soon, a post is coming on how to make my awesome Red Beans and Rice recipe ~ I am getting hungary just thinking about it! Wouldn't that be wonderful to make it with home grown kidney beans?

As I said, our garden is on the way out...but the tomatoes have been the best ever this year.  My plants have produced about 300 tomatoes, at least.  Even, in this year's record heat and draught!

Somehow, this one escaped my eagle eye at picking time - is this what you call a "sun-dried tomato"?

I used to bring a basket for picking! Now I can bring them back in my hand...but what I wanted to tell you about today was a little invention that I thought of this year and was quite proud of.  My tomato laden plants kept "tumping" (is that a word) over, despite my tomato cages and best efforts to tie them up.  Last year I used "sticks" to help prop up plants and that just didn't work so well.  This year, here is my new and improved solution and it didn't cost a penny!

Bamboo sticks :: found right on the edge of our river ~ please ignore the sorry, spindly tomato plant in this I said, gardening is basically over here. I have to live vicariously 
through blogs in the North now!

As I was walking out to gather the last of our garden fruits, 
I stepped on this :: anyone know what it is????
You will find it "Only in Louisiana".
A crawfish home!  Crawfish are called "mudbugs" because they live in the wet mud and burrow down underneath.  They make these mounds around the holes that they burrow into .  Back when the girls were small and we would have "crawfish boils" and the girls were very "tender - hearted". They were constantly taking certain crawfish that looked too "cute" to go into the pot and freeing them.  (When I am not looking, I think this practice is still going on today!) Since they would always run out to the garden and different spots to let them go, there are a lot of crawfish mounds all over the place!

So, where do these cool bamboo sticks come from?  Let me show you - please bear with me and my photos...we have been in a dry, dust bowl with everything in our world covered in layers of dirt.  This cooling rain is so cleansing and has beautified our world so that I can't help but take a thousand pictures.  

The ole Bamboo Patch....hmm, I am thinking I could make some cane fishing poles too!

See what I mean - the world is a magical place when droplets of water are hanging on everything, reflecting rainbows of light in all directions. Even dead bamboo branches are mystically beautiful.

Live ones are pretty too!

In my haste to come down and photograph the "bamboo patch" and all the pretty things around it, you will notice I am still holding the two little tomatoes I just picked!  I was pulling back a sprig of bamboo here, to "get the shot".  These tomatoes, made it to the dinner table, unbruised, and were delicious in this little recipe I want to share with you.

:: Quick Veggie Recipe ::
Diced tomatos, vidalia onions, garlic 
"magic beans" or beans of your choice
fresh rosemary
shredded cabbage
cut beans, steam all veggies and toss with soy sauce and seasonings of your choice
Great side for dinner!

PS - I steamed veggies in microwave for a superfast healthy meal and they were terrific! You don't have to do everything the old-fashioned way!

Happy Weekending to All!!!
If you are weekending or had great weekend...leave a comment and link for us to share your "moments" with you!


  1. I live in Texas and my garden is pretty much done. a few tomatoes and okra still but that's it. looking forward to fall planting :-)

  2. my tomato plant hasn't even BEGUN to produce!!! Also-- it came up on its own from last year's tomato crop! I can't wait to see what type of tomato it produces.

    favorite pic- the one with the tomatoes in your hand!

  3. The weird thing was that I didn't realize I had them in my hand until I looked at the photos after I had down loaded into my computer.


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