Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A very unusual fence post

So ~ our week with no children began on Sunday when Elizabeth left with her best friend and their family for a week's vacation in North Carolina.  We started our "honey-moon" with fireworks....working on fences....AGAIN!  Just so you don't think the romance has faded after 23 years, here we are walking hand in hand, back from a hard day of fence building!  I was too tired to go to the movies as planned but it has been nice to accomplish some tasks on our list! 

Last night, I washed all FOUR dogs so we could play inside with them when Gary got home from work.  We usually bring them inside at night, but keep them in their "dog boxes" as they are always fairly dirty, and with the rain we are getting lately, they are really dirty!  Well, after a very nice meal of pesto chicken, fresh bread and baked potatoes, we relaxed and FORGOT to play with the dogs.  So, at two o'clock this morning, I awoke and realized that my all my efforts were going to waste; so what did I do?

Much to the surprise and delight of our dogs, I let them out.....

and we played!!!!!!!

Gary woke up and got into the action!  See what having no children for a week does to you! 
We are crazy I tell ya.... 

Here is the real topic of my post!  When we were fencing on Sunday, I noticed this tree with the barbed wire having grown completely  through  it.  I am sure this tree is decades old and look how cool it is that the fence just grew with the tree and has made it through hurricanes and other natural disasters for all of these years   I made a mental note on Sunday to come and photograph this.
After my two o'lock play-date with the dogs this morning, I was settling back down for a bit of shut eye and all of a sudden - "zing"; I was reminded by that internal brain gun that goes off at the least unexpected moment, just when you are about to drift off....BAM - you feel like you have been shot!  I knew I had to wake up at the light of dawn and go GET A PHOTO OF THIS TREE WITH THE BARBED WIRE THROUGH IT.

So, wake up I did - I had only half-slept for about an hour. It would have been so easy to just roll over and  shut my eyes, but God must have been the one shooting that idea gun, because when I tell you that the world was a beautiful place this morning....well ~ words cannot do it justice - just scroll down to the next pictures.  So, I am out in the misty, wonderland at 5:30 AM, getting my photo, and look who
pokes his head around the corner!
Why, hello Doc!

I MEAN HELLO DOC! Hungry are we???

Flash hurt your eyes?

I don't have any food!!!! I promise!!!!! Now, they are all coming! 

Once horses figure out that you don't have food on you, they pretty much leave you alone.

Horses love you for your food :: just the way the story goes

I heart this photo.

~ This one too ~

It was a magical morning - the moral of the story is...

When the gun in your head goes off.....

You have got to



  1. Your misty pictures have ME misty, thinking of home. So does the one of you and Gary holding hands- not a side we see of him too often. And the dogs look gorgeous, all clean! I usually see them post-river/pond, so they are dirty and stinky (though still cute!).

    Back to the pictures. More for me to frame. I think I will have a wall of them to remind me of home. So beautiful- that light... and I love the angles (down the fence to the barn is really cool).

    Can't wait to come home...

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