Friday, July 1, 2011

Only in Africa???? No, it is still in Tennessee!!!!

Alamo, Tennessee to be exact ~ like I said yesterday....this was the first time I have discovered this very cool place and it has been around for quite some time.  One man started collecting and trading exotic animals several decades ago and he recently opened his collection to the public.  I have seen several places similar to this one but have to say, was very impressed with the variety of animals, quality of care, knowledge and ownership the employees took in this operation. 

These little fellas are on the endangered specie list

This is an Emu and has to be one of God's ugliest creatures on this earth

Do you know how large an ostrich is??? When you are physically next to one in real life it is incredible.  I was glad to be in a trailer and not on the ground with that bird!

Pretty eyes for an ugly bird ~ I see why they hide their head in the sand....

This was where our tour guide made Ellen's dream come  - she told her she could feed a baby goat.  If you know Ellen, you know she get excited very easily....unfortunately, I was behind her as the guide was giving her the instructions, so I didn't get her expression, but look at the older girl's amused faces as they watch Ellen get her instructions! Ellen is about bursting at the seams right now! 

Ellen's dream is to own a goat ~ is an all consuming passion of hers. She asks me about it all the time and this adventure has only fueled that fire. While we were there she seriously thought we could bring one home on the train and keep it in her room ~  oh to be twelve and carefree again.....

Now, I will never - ever - ever hear the end of wanting own a goat ~ thank you nice, tour guide for being so sweet to my little girl and offering to let her bottle feed the adorable, little goat ~ really.. I can't wait to hear about how we need to have a goat for the rest of my natural-born life.

Do these people ever quit ~ after the goat, they let Ellen hold a baby Kangaroo in a "pouch".  The mother rejected it, so they keep it in a cloth pouch that the employees can wear around and take care of the baby kangaroo all day.  I am telling you - this place is a gem - amazing. 

When you tire of holding the baby is time to feed the giraffe.  Who knew that giraffes had tongues that could move like fingers - they literally wrap their six inch tongue around the carrot and lift it into their mouth.  I have been to many zoos before - but never have I been up close and personal like this with exotic animals - it was an extraordinary experience...and all thanks to one man's vision. 

The tongue works like a hand

and it rolls up like 

  one of those party blowers you get at birthday parties!

The eyes get me every time....

That is a big ole head on a skinny little neck.....but such a sweet creature.  I don't know about you, but I am used to seeing "Please don't feed the animals" everywhere when I go to the zoo, so getting up close and personal to all these creatures was a real treat.  What I didn't photograph were the monkeys, alligators, wart hogs, and many other varieties of animals running around that place. 

You are allowed to just drive through at your leisure and check out the animals... 

Or is it the other away around?

Maybe they are checking you out

 Sure looks that way.....

Especially here!!!! Really! I felt like I was in a B -rated horror flick 

~ Attack of the Killer Ostrich ~

What just happened here.... 
We are a long way from feeding cute baby goats and snuggling with baby kangaroos and
playing with cool  giraffe's tongues 

Is your Mama a Lhama?

Yall come back real soon now ~ ya hear!

And that is all I have to say bout that.....

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  1. The llama picture was awesome! love all the animals- and I love Ellen's dress. And her goat-loving! Get the gal a goat... It can be a stall buddy! And your Martha-Stewart self could start making chevre!!!! :)

    Off to paint some paint stirrers to make a 4th of July flag! Just call me "The Martha of Home Depot!"


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