Thursday, July 21, 2011

A letter to Ellen

For anyone who is recently tuning in, my two youngest girls (16 and 12) are at a summer camp that my girls have attended every year for many summers.  Except, that this is Ellen's first year, so many letters are exchanging hands...this"camp" is very old fashioned and campers are completely "unplugged".  They can only communicate with loved ones by "snail mail".  We can email a central email address; the camp prints the letter out,  gives it to the camper and they (hopefully) respond by sending back a "real" letter.  Of course, we can send good old fashioned letters too, but when you are missing your little ones, it sure is nice to be able to write and know that they get it the very next day! I have written and emailed almost every day and this morning - I was trying to think of something that a twelve year old would like to read and this came to me: I am adding pictures for the blog's sake, but the email went without the cute photos!

Dear Ellen,

Finally, I got that woman off her computer so I could get on and send you a letter, although it is kind of hard to type with these big old paws of mine.  Life in the country has been awesome, except that you haven’t been here to play with. Other then that…I have been having more fun – I haven’t missed a mud puddle to roll in, I swim in the river ALL the time and look for fish, and my new trick is to chase those big white birds that hang around the horses in the field!  Scout and I run like mad when we see them, and I always think that I am going to get that bird, but sadly, I never do. 

 Basically, I stay wet and muddy ALL the time.  Your Mom says I am like "Pig Pen" on the cartoon Charlie Brown....whatever that means.  I think it means I am dirty ~ which is a good thing right? 

Cause it is fun to get down and roll in the dirt and muck.  Every once in a while, your Mom gets frustrated and brings me up on the deck and says, "Libby, I am tired of you being wet and dirty, we are going to get you all clean so we can pet you"...then she washes me down real good and rubs me all over. 

 I don't mind telling you that it does feel pretty good!  You wouldn't believe the amount of cockle burrs she cut out of my tail and boy, do I look pretty now! So, she washed me up, brought me in and she and Dad played with me and the rest of the dogs all night.  

I think they are going bonkers or something ~ maybe you and the other girls need to get on home cause they are starting to act real strange.  Well, I stayed clean until they let me out the next morning and as soon as possible, I jumped in the river and got right back to my good, old, nasty, wet self!  Rolling around in the dirt, wrestling with the other dogs.....your Mom didn't seem to pleased about it but, oh well.  I heard her say that it won't be too much longer till you are home, now, don't hurry home on account of me cause you know me, I am just having a good old time playing in the dirt all day long!  Not that I don't miss you ~ but like you...I sure am having a fun summer!


I can just hear Ellen laughing out loud when she reads this, and I guarantee that she will be reading it to all her cabin mates and anyone else who will listen ~ she loves this crazy, dog who won't miss a mud puddle.  Somehow, she got off without a picture of Libby, and her first letter was a request for a picture....of course, I went straight to the post office - and even paid for it to go priority is a camp necessity to have  a picture of your dog!  Ellen got it and reported back that the picture was nestled right by her pillow, so she can sleep with it every night!  Every child needs a dog about the time that they are ten or eleven.  We got Libby for Ellen two summers ago (I was blogging way back then ~ here is the post ..."Give me Liberty or Give me Death") when her older two sisters left for camp, and Ellen quickly became an only child!  It was a magical summer of a puppy and a little girl becoming best friends ~ and it has never ended!  I think leaving Libby might have been the hardest thing (including her Mama) that Ellen had to leave behind! Thats OK - I love Libby too. But more than that ~ I love that Ellen loves her......

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