Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Gone Fishin"

One of our new past times around here has been to feed the fish and it is becoming quite exciting to watch the fish in the pond you see featured on the header munching on handfuls of feed in the water.  The catfish are plentiful and huge...which led us to the bright idea of trying to catch a few!  

Yesterday, we made a fishing date of 9:00 AM...determined to catch some of these monster catfish.......

At precisely 9:00 AM, here is how GranE arrived to pick me up for our fishing date!  Such a high-tech gran-ma she is.......

We fished in the pond, we fished on the river bank....

 even though the Lady Anglers got some encouraging nibbles, we got nothing
 more than moss and sticks.

I guess when you have five dogs swimming around the river, having the time of their life, the fish aren't exactly going to bite like crazy.

Good thing we weren't really counting on catching fish ~ it was fun just watching the dogs do their thing...Mattie, the Rotweiler has become quite a retriever.

We decided to hang up the fishing poles and go for a hike ~ the woods are so pretty right now

We found this new trail  - Dora the Explorer had nothing on us - and it led us to this beautiful grove of cypress trees with a green carpet underneath them.

Here are GranE and Mattie - Mattie usually won't pose for a picture so you have to move quickly to get a good one of her. 

 Banana Spiders ~ our woods are full of them.  They don't bite but are a bit intimidating. 
Next time we fish :: dogs will be put up, we will have worms and a cane pole :: 
we will be armed and dangerous ~ fish beware!!!!

Change gears - I have this new concoction I have been using is so simple and I cook everything with it....Chicken, fish, eggs - anything - 
Rosemary, Garlic Butter

Squeeze a clove of fresh garlic (or chop) into a glass container

Cut some Rosemary

Cut it into small pieces and put into jar ( about a teaspoon) 
and sprinkle a bit of salt or Tony's Chacheres in there. 

Take a stick of butter and place into jar; heat for a minute in the microwave and you are done. 

This is seriously a wonderful thing to keep by your stove!  Guess you could do it with olive oil too..

Here are my "MULLET EGGS" that I eat for breakfast, every, single day of my life!  Now, why do I call them them "mullet eggs"? Because when you fry them with a teaspoon of this little is 
all business in the front
and a party in the back!

Here are some fun photos off the camp web site of the girls.....

Sara is perfecting her kayak skills - look at those biceps

Isn't she cute - I am missing her!

Here is Ellen ~ Sailing on a misty morning.

The count down is on and it won't be long till they are home, sweet home!


  1. I don't know where to start! I love the picture of my mom in the golf cart-- she was on the phone with ME!! lol It's funny to hear the story of that day from both of you. It sounds like so much fun! And, by the way, I HATE banana spiders. Hate them. Almost as much as roaches. (involuntary shiver over the thought of them...)

    Cute pictures of the girls! Glad you put them up!

    Can't wait to get down there!

  2. PS- mullet eggs!!!! You crack me up! I will definitely be making some garlic rosemary butter. I have a friend who makes basil garlic butter, and uses it on corn on the cob (peels back the husk, takes off the silk, rubs with the basil butter, re-husks, then grills). YUM!

  3. The one thing I am disappointed in this year is my basil crop ~ just didn't have much luck with seeds coming up. It is not too late to buy some starter plants so I have got to get moving as I won't have pesto for the upcoming year.....but the garlic rosemary butter - you can do a ton with it! Great to saute chicken breast easy. Going to have to experiment with some different herbs now - thanks for the corn know you can microwave corn in the husk and it is delicious! Hey and you could put the butter on it ~ now we are really on to something.


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