Sunday, June 12, 2011

Belated Birthday Blog

What a nice birthday I had! This birthday in particular was so special that it seemed deserving of the blog, so here it is.  It was celebrated just to my liking!  My good friends the Crosbys (remember they taught us to "boil crawfish" and Arnoults kicked off the birthday bonanza by serving a birthday dinner that featured the most beautiful, roasted Red Snapper I have EVER seen!  This beat any restaurant presentation.   In my excitement to get out the door, I left my beloved Nikon behind so I had to make do with my IPhone, but this shot managed to capture the shock and awe of this dish pretty well!  I didn't take a lot of was a beautiful evening and the food was magnificent.  I was off my photographic game and didn't even get a picture of my you will have to  use your imagination!

My contribution to the evening was a home made blueberry pie with home-grown and hand-picked blue berries from a thirty-year old blue berry bush on the property.  Again, I didn't get a picture beforehand, but here is a shot of the damage we did to it! One day, I am putting my pie recipe on this blog, as it is something I have made since my younger years,  it is pretty darn good!  With all the wonderful summer fruits around, I am going to try to write a pie post very soon!

Elizabeth was leaving at 6:00 AM on the morning of my birthday because she was going with friends to North Carolina so my sweet girls organized an early birthday dinner the night before.  We always have family dinner together to celebrate our birthdays....they went to great efforts to make it perfect for me. 

On the menu - Rosemary Potatoes - garlic bread and broiled redfish (freshly caught) 
and cooked by Chef Sara.  Elizabeth was the creator of our beautiful table decorations. 

No stone was left unturned - They even prepared my favorite drink ~ lemonade 
with fresh strawberries in it 

And, here is my 2nd birhday cake!

Not to be out done ~ here comes Ellen....she got up and made birthday breakfast!  Yes, my birthday was an eat - a - thon!  I am going to have to diet all year from this last week!  

She didn't know it, but this was one of the sweetest gifts I got on my birthday...watching she and Cajun  snuggle.  Remember what snuggling with a soft, furry, wiggly little puppy that licks you all over is like? Such a joy.  Check out her face...we are not breaking heat records in LA....we are shattering them!  If the record is 96 ~ our temp (not heat index) is getting 101 or 102! 

Ellen and I set off on a "Photographic walk" through the woods - our mission was to take pictures of what ever we found interesting.  She took the IPhone and I had the Nikon. My focus was more on nature while hers was to find the letters of her name in nature.....
while trying to survive the 100 plus degree heat.  

This is Cricket - one of our older but wiser horses - this photo really captures that here

                This shot I love because of the grass, the fence and of course ~ the horse! It is about 10:00 AM and this horse is already sweating.

Our dogs are always ecstatic to go on walks!

How cute is this - Must be the "retriever" in them as these dogs don't go 
anywhere without a ball in thier mouths.

Love this shot - to beat the heat, Ellen and I get up at 7:00 AM in the morning to go riding .  When we do it, it is so much fun!  Because we have been in a severe draught, we have been able to leave the saddles out on the fence which make it super easy and quick to saddle them up.    I thought this saddle shot looked pretty cool.  However, with 100 degree temps everyday and no rain, things are sooo dry. 

Water Lillies in Gran-E's gold fish pond.

Just love this photo....think it is going on my wall.

The woods are so serene and calm, it is hard to capture their beauty

There were a lot of tongues hanging out!

Now it is Ellen's turn ~ remember she is looking for the letters of  her name

Here we have an "E"

And an "L"

The "N" was most impressive - she spotted them on her own!  

Here is a cool picture of Sunny that she snapped using "Instagram"
We practiced using that feature - see the following photos.

And believe it or not ~ another delicious birthday dinner with yet another cake - that is three if you are counting!  

Some sweet home made gifts - this best kind of birthday presents when you get to be my age!

This is a one-of-a kind by Sara!  She got all of her good friends parents to give her their favorite recipes. She typed them up and put them in a book for me.  Having eaten at her friend's houses many time over the past years, she has sampled most of these recipes so she knows that she likes them!  It is a win-win for everyone!  I am so glad to get out of my cooking rut and try some new recipes that my family will like! 

Elizabeth's gift is the painting of the flowers - another hand made treasure!

Sunflowers from my friend's garden and my "other daughter - Katherine"
brightened up the room and my day!  

Gran - E and Charlie gave me some chairs for the beach!

And finally, to end this birthday extravaganza, some fruit trees, a red sun hat and most importantly of all,,
something no amount of money can buy,,,

A sweet, cooling,  thirst quenching,  much needed rain;

A gift from the man upstairs and a perfect way to end

a beautiful day.


  1. So much to say...

    First, great new header picture, though the crabs were my favorite.

    Second- that blueberry bush is 31 years old... planted when I was born, and when Grandfather died. So I take full credit for the deliciousness of that pie! :)

    What else? So much... looks like it was a wonderful birthday! That fish looks amazing! Your photographs are amazing. Love the one of the dragonfly in front of the barn- nice bokeh!!! And the shots after the rain are so gorgeous. Charlie and I were looking at them, and I told him that my favorite was the last of of the rain on the railing in front of the river. I said that I like the light in the raindrops, and he said that he liked the rubber ducky. Do you see it???? Ah, to be 3!!!!

    Your birthday gifts, and the way you described them, made me cry. I guess it's a mom thing- but those homemade gifts are the absolute best. I just got my very first one, on Mother's Day.

    Miss you and loved reading this one. I am so homesick, and you've definitely pushed me over the edge!!! :) But in a good way- so nice to see the country. Gorgeous, if hot...


  2. Wow ~ I always love your comments but this one was awesome. I would have never noticed the rubber ducky in the river picture had it not been for Charlie...Thank you Charlie! Sorry to make you homesick...but when it gets really bad...just remember 100 degree heat mixed with 1000 % humidity! Yes - life is great in the country but you have got to be tough to get out an enjoy it...just look at Ellen's face in the pictures. I hope all is well with everyone, especially Miss Maggie! Love to all and thanks for the nice comment!

  3. PS I forgot to say that the new header is from your parents pond! I had to say goodbye to the crabs and replace them with something a bit more soothing.


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