Friday, May 6, 2011

The City Cousins come to visit!

At last, my sister and her boys (unfortunately "Uncle Bryan" was in Brazil so couldn't join us) came to visit for a week!  We had fun introducing her boys to all that the country has to offer....we were like the paparazzi taking pictures so bear with me.  There were so many could shots that I am having a hard time leaving any of them out!  The visit began with a visit to "Old Hard hide" the town alligator!  You will find that
 "Only in Louisiana".

A favorite of any child that comes to visit is our tree swing!  
It never fails to provide hours of fun!

Meet Seamus - a precious, energetic, all BOY, five year old!

And Booker ~ a polite, inquisitive, smart, always up for an adventure, seven year old.

Booker was a pro at pinching the tail of the crawfish to get the meat out.  These were a spicy batch but that did not deter him.  He followed Aunt Layne's directions perfectly and would "pop" the whole peeled crawfish in his mouth without letting the meat touch his lips and we had no "burning lips" for the night.  

They were introduced to Ellen's horse "NELLE" ~ can you guess where the name came from? Hint ~ it was Ellen's idea and Ellen's horse....
and Ellen's name BACKWARDS!

Bug hunting was a favorite pastime....these city boys were not squeamish..not one little bit!  We caught lubbers (black crickets that grow to the size of your hand) and...

I am not sure of the correct scientific name but we 
 call these "Fuzzy Wuzzys". 

And this was one of the many friendly "lizards" that are ALL over the country!  When Elizabeth was five, she would let them bite her ear lobes and wear live, lizard earrings as long as they would hang on.  I have a picture of that somewhere that I need to dig up.
This photo looks a bit "E. T. ish" to me!

We painted rocks for the "rock fairy".  The rock fairy comes to visit at night and if you put a basket of painted rocks out on the steps, she will take them and "hide" them on the gravel road.  Then you wake up in the morning and get to find them all! 
 Good practice for an easter egg hunt!

We hiked all through the woods. The boys were introduced to "deer flies" 
and a lot of swatting was done! They like to "buzz" around your head and 
do not usually bite you but you always think they are going to!

Our dog can "walk on water"....can you top that one? Seriously ~ Scout was a little braver then we were...when the river is not high, you can cross to the "island" on these logs.  The girls and their friends have spent many a day on this island building forts and houses, cooking their own meals over a fire and playing in the river. 

Love this photo!  Brotherly love.

Ellen had a litter of rabbits to sell so the boys got to go with us to the local feed and seed store.  Walmart has not managed to put this one out of business and it is an old fashion, family owned store that offers everything from A to Z...including Ellen's bunnies!

Good Bye little bunnies!
Hello spending money!

Booker loved "Tannenbaum" ~ one of Ellen's favorite bunnies that escaped being sold around Christmas time.  Every now and then a bunny exhibits exceptional personality and she can't bear to sell it.  She is really good about selling most of her bunnies and rarely keeps one but this one was special and just stood out from the rest....he was born around Christmas time ~ hence the name which means Christmas tree in German!

Forts were built!

Balls were thrown for the dogs

Cajun was the "chief ball stealer"! She would be so proud to get the ball away from the big dogs and would prance around with her head high 
and tail wagging ninety to nothing.

Emails to Dad in Brazil were sent and received.

We visited our 94 year old grandmother ~ she is teaching herself Spanish by reading the Spanish dictionary.  She is 100 % sharp as a tack and an amazing person.

The boys made her a clover chain and she wore it!  If you look carefully you will see it on top of her head....I love that women.  So much spunk left in her!

The pool was another favorite!  

Water gun wars galore!

Eggs were gathered in the mornings ~ can you say "BED HEAD"?

The green eggs were a novelty and Booker could juggle them without breaking any ~ OK maybe I embellished that a little bit...but it does look like that from the picture! 

Cajun helped gather the firewood for the bonfire...Isn't my sister cute?  Just love her!

After a long adventurous day, it is so nice to relax by a fire.

We are having unusually cool weather here in LA ~ so we can actually have a bonfire at night.  Loving this has been an awesome Spring.  

 S'mores and sparklers added to the fun!

The rocks were put out on the doorstep for the Rock Fairy.

The next morning ~ we scoured the road for painted rocks!

The Rock Fairy did her job well, they were everywhere....
but none escaped the rock hunting professionals!

I call that a successful rock hunt.

Fishing time!

This is my favorite photo from the entire won over all 5000 photos taken! (OK ~ embellishment.....500 would be truthful!) 

Booker with his painted "walking stick" and fishing bucket.  We always name our walking sticks...what you don't? Booker's was named "Scratch" and mine was "Super Duper".  Super Duper quickly bit the dust when I set it down and the
dogs found a new play-toy.

Well, I would not call them "dinner" but we caught a minnow fish!  Really, they are not minnows but baby perch.  The great thing about this pond is that you always catch a fish...never a big one but a fish none the less.  And for boys that have never been fishing, size doesn't matter! Fishing is infectious - adults quickly take over from children when the fish start biting....I am especially guilty of that and apparently Mary is too! When she wasn't yanking the pole with fish on it out of her poor, defenseless children's hands, she was "Chief Worm Cutter Upper".  OK ~ I embellished the part about yanking the pole, but NOT the worst job of fishing....baiting hooks!

It is really a great catch when you could get the fish in and STILL had the worm on the hook.  Aunt Mary and myself were especially glad when that happened.

Everyone caught a fish and no one caught an arm or leg.
With all the hooks we had in the water, that is an amazing feat.

More horseback riding.....

In true "Hunter" fashion, it is in our genetics to photograph our food!  Here is the banana pudding (made the old fashion way!)

Crawfish and Shrimp Fettucine

 Topped off with a home grown salad and home-made butter.  It was a meal to remember!

The "Grandmothers" who look like "Spring Chickens"!! If you look closely
you will see the two little chickens on a bookshelf between them.  I painstakingly brought back from Brazil when we visited Mary and Brian in Rio De Janerio.  

Dinner is served!

And, that my friends was a week full of laughter, relaxation and just 
plain FUN with FAMILY and FRIENDS!


  1. Okay, Mary's boys are ADORABLE!!!! I didn't realize how old they were- I guess the little guys keep growing... haha. Love the fishing picture- definitely frame that one for the Log Cabin.

    Looks like you all had a great time! Wish we were down there- my boys are dying over the pictures! Charlie asks if he can go to La almost every day. I wish!

    Tell your gang I said hello!

  2. Yes....I agree! Just loved having them come and visit for so long! Can't wait to come see your cutie pies! Have that baby ~ but not too soon! Turn on the weather channel - Dyersburg is all over the news for flooding - don't worry - my mother is high on a hill and safe!

  3. what a beautiful week you had and what a beautiful family. It looks like a nice place you have over there. We are now in our Autumn and the days are just starting to get cool.Will keep an eye on your blog, it looks interesting and what lovely photos you take. Kate

  4. Oh, I'm reliving all those great moments from our trip, and the mouth is watering. We had a perfect week, I'm only sorry Bryan wasn't there to enjoy it. But after hearing magical it was, he won't miss it next year. Booker misses all your animals (and bugs and lizards) and I miss seeing him frolic with those dogs. Love to you and the girls and Gary. Thanks for this great post!

  5. That picture with the boys and the red cane pole is straight from Life Magazine! Putting that one up on my office wall!

  6. Okay, I'll stop posting comments soon. But thanks Julie for the comments about the boys - good to see you here in the comment section of Layne's blog! BTW, Booker is not 9, he's 7. Layne wrote 9 at some point in her blog post. And true, he's as tall as a 9-yr old, but I'm not ready to let go of the dreaminess of the younger years just yet.

  7. Yes, I just love the fishing picture...sometimes you get lucky ~ luck combined with about a thousand pictures makes for a great shot once in a while! Sorry for making Booker older than his years....don't know where that number came from....I know he is seven! Lastly, we miss you guys and can't wait for Uncle Bryan to join us next year. Kiss the boys for me!
    Aunt Layne


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