Friday, April 29, 2011

Tea and Crumpets anyone????

Royal Weddings don't come along often....when I was 17,  Prince Charles and Diana married and I spent the night with my six best friends ~ we woke up at 4:00 AM in the morning and watched the royal wedding in awe.  It is a vivid memory that I will never forget!  So when the wedding of Kate and Prince William coincided with our Spring Break, I suggested that we have a "Royal Breakfast", invite friends over and celebrate the festivities.  Well, in usual fashion, my girls expanded on my idea and the "Royal Breakfast" was a "Royal Event" that surpassed even my expectations!  

The Royal Tea Set,  given to the girls by Mimi and Charlie when they were young, 
was washed and dried until it sparkled!

The Royal Rehearsal Party began...

and they danced...

and danced....

and danced until....

they could dance no more!

The Royal Umbrella was selected in case of rain!

The Royal "waker upper" was selected and given the dubious task of 
awakening 12 sleeping beauties at 4:00 AM in the morning!

A Royal "fruit tart" was prepared for the "Royal Breakfast".

Only the best for this event ~ made from scratch by
 none other than Sara!

The Royal Rehersal Party continued into the wee hours of the night
with not only dancing, but Royal games and whatnot!The older girls managed
 to finally fall asleep around 1:00 AM;
while the younger group of Ellen's friends continued to party (ahem) until 3:00 AM
despite Mama's many encouragements to GO TO SLEEP!

And ~ way to soon ~ 4:00 AM arrived!

Living up to our "Royal Expectations", the "Royal Waker Upper" trekked through the house
tooting her own horn!

Above and beyond the call of duty, she even succeeded in waking the young "party goers" who partied until 3:00 AM and awoke begrudgingly with only one hour of sleep!
We selected our "Royal Waker Upper" wisely!

The Royal Attire for the wedding was donned.

Royal Breakfast was prepared....

On the Royal Menu....English muffins topped with bacon and eggs, crumpets (we aren't really sure what those are so we used Pepperidge Farm cookies!), Celestial Seasoning Herbal tea and English tea (served with LOTS of sugar cubes)!

Royal Scones

The Royal Wedding Watchers started to appear...they not only 
donned Royal Wedding Attire, but also Royal English Accents!
Royal Phrases were created like "You Crumpet Brain",  the smallest tea-cup was named 
"The little Crumpet that could"....jokes were flying and laughter was contagious.

The  Royal Procession began and was avidly watched!

Breakfast was served...

and enjoyed by all!

Finally, after much tooting of the horn and gentle encouragement, 
the party girls rolled out of bed and arrived!

Tea, crumpets, scones and English muffins were devoured 
while the wedding proceeded.

 Royal Conversation was lively with English accents ~ commenting on all the crazy hats, 
how Prince William looked bald, How Prince Harry looked like Harry Potter and that 
makes him even more attractive (and he is available), how beautiful the dress was, what they wanted their wedding dresses to look like, chatter, chatter, chatter!

Laura had the fill "The little Crumpet that could" many times to get a decent sip of tea!

AND FINALLY ~ the big moment!

The Royal Wedding Vows were spoken!

Secrets were shared about how the elaborate "Royal Attire" was created!

You would never have guessed!

And, when appetites were satisfied and the bride and groom retired into Buckingham Palace ~
The "Royal Wedding Watchers" slipped out of their "Royal Attire"  back into PJs and comfortable beds, sofas, sleeping bags, floor, sheepskin rug (there are twelve girls here after all!) and fell fast asleep...leaving me with LOTS of ROYAL DISHES!

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  1. LOVE IT!!! I had no idea that the wedding was today... I live under a rock... And I was actually awake! Oh well, I'll catch the recap. Love the pictures! The girls look so cute.


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