Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I have a confession to make.....

In the afternoons when I walk to meet Ellen after school 

There is this bed of Rosemary growing wild at a house that this bachelor lives in (I don't think he realizes what a treasure he has outside his door and I am terrified that one day he will think it is a weed and do something crazy like dig it up or spray Round-up on it) 
and when no one is looking or even when people are looking.....

I break off a few pieces, bring them home and throw them in a vase....
(the basil come from another neighbor who gave me permission to cut it!)

I let it grow some nice roots like this.....

And I have two whole pots full of my neighbor's cuttings!  Soon, my neighbors will be sneaking into my yard and breaking off pieces of MY Rosemary (I would be so proud!)

My next confession.......

I am going to miss this next year...two sisters that are awesome together!

I also confess that.....

I thought Elizabeth was breathtakingly beautiful for Prom.....what a difference a year makes ~ last year she was so sick that she barely knew Prom was going was the furtherest thing from our mind....we were in the whirlwind of doctors, hospitals, and planning a trip to Johns Hopkins....she could barely get out of bed. Now she is off all medicines and is radiantly healthy!

The obligatory picture of exchanging boutineers and corsages. 

I thought this shot was sweet...

And I was THRILLED that her best friend, Katie, got PROM QUEEN ~ such a great girl who is so down to earth and was so deserving of the title.

Next confession, since I am kind of bragging...OK ~ I am bragging so please forgive me!
I love these shots I took of her before Prom...I am really practicing with my camera and even
(gulp) moving the dial to M sometimes and actually setting my own aperture and shutter speed (Can you believe I  know what those words mean now?)

I made her throw on a white shirt and "practiced"! 

I love some of these I need to learn about editing...
so much to learn these days. Although I am not sure about the whole editing 
idea..seems wrong to make people look perfect and correct all the imperfections.
I think people need to look real.

I still need to learn how to avoid shadows (like this photo) and my daughter (Sara),  just taught me how to use the little "touch up"wand on the Mac....I do use the exposure and shadow tools and sometimes the auto enhance but I had never seen the that tool...and it right on the bottom of the screen and has been there for a whole year!  I just found out about it this weekend!
  I just have a little problem with "Perfect People".  Not that I won't use it, but I will use it sparingly.  It did help that little "blemish" on Elizabeth's forehead!

This is good - a little touch up but keep it REAL! I even like the shadows!  It is probably a little "bright" but all in all - I am happy with it. 

And for my last confession.........
At age 47, I still love FAMILY FUN and can't wait to get each months issue!  Ellen is my partner in crime with Family Fun and keeps a binder of all the projects she wants to do.  (Disclaimer)  That picture is NOT fuzzy because of my photography skills - it is because of the plastic sleeve it is in!
  Look how cool this project is...

You make a rug with T-shirts and Hoola Hoops.  And since my lenten sacrifice was not only to give up Diet Coke, but also to follow Sarah on  "Clover Lane" in gathering
 "Forty bags in Forty Days" of clutter ~ I have a lot of T-shirts!  So far, I have not had ONE Diet Coke and have collected at least twenty bags of clutter!  Love that idea and it is 
making me love my house now!

You cut them into strips

Stretch them over a hoola-hoop

And weave all the strips through the loops....she is not finished yet but hopefully
I will have a finished product to show you soon!

Well ~ I could go on and on with my confessions but this post has got to end and I do confess that I always feel like I am "wasting" time when I sit down to post!  So....I must get on with my day....
Anything you need to get off your chest????? Tell me - inquiring minds want to know! 


  1. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and I love her dress! Thanks for the link!

  2. That beautiful daughter on her way to prom is my Godchild! She's amazing. And looked so great!

    I want a copy of that last picture of Liz, please. Oh, and when is grad?

    The picture with Sara made me start to cry, thinking of my sisters and sister-in-laws who are so awesome and know how to make even stressful times okay. Here I go with the tears again...

    "Mommy, Ellen (ewen) is my favorite friend." ~Charlie. I think he is still confused by cousin/friend, but I thought that was really sweet. If we have a girl, he thinks Ellen is the perfect name. :)

    We are with Ellen and you! Family Fun is the best! Aunt Layne got us an awesome subscription, and we are always checking it out for inspiration. I don't tear out the pages- I keep the whole magazine, as there are projects that will be more age-appropriate next year, etc. Love them!

    You are totally going to get caught herb-napping one day, and I'm going to laugh my butt off!!!! Though, I must say that I'm jealous of all of your herbs. I need to get my garden going.

    And, unrelated...

    "Mommy, you just need to keep practicing not getting mad at me when I don't listen to you. Just keep practicing every day. Then you won't have to yell so much."

    Yes, I probably do... :)

  3. Maybe Charlie could start a Parenting blog! Speaking of blogs....where are those posts you were going to forward to me :) is the only way I can keep up with what is going on with you! We got the "professional" Senior Photos taken ...out at the Log Cabin. Johnny Chauvin did them and I need to do a whole post of what went on behind the scenes of the photos themselves! Horses kicking each other, rolling in the dirt right behind the fence where Liz was sitting, Nellie scratching her behind on the fence, Deer flies EVERYWHERE....Dave on the tractor mowing RIGHT where we needed to shoot (Gran-E's pond), Gran-E and Charlie driving in and ending up in the background of some pics, the list goes on and on....Oh...and Johnny's favorite thing out there - he flipped out over the barn and couldn't stop taking shot of Elizabeth in front of the red, peeling, rusty barn.....the one thing Gary and I are kind of embarrassed about and hope to have painted soon! He even asked if he could bring other people out there to shoot in front of the barn! Gary is going to DIE! But he got some GREAT shots and had some GREAT ideas of how to shoot some AWESOME pics. I am very humbled and have come down off my high horse from the "Prom Shots".....I really have a LONG way to go! Lets try to talk soon...have some college news! I will be on the road this afternoon and will call you so ANSWER YOUR PHONE!

  4. And I forgot the funniest thing of all!!! Elizabeth forgot her belt that went to several outfits and improvised with baling twine from our hay in the barn...put it through the loops and tied it in a cute bow and pulled it off! We are now selling bailing twine belts for $19.99....want to be the first one to have this hot item???? LOL - we really aren't but once you see the pic you are going to want one!

  5. Um, it would take a LOT of twine to make a belt for THIS belly!!! haha

    Just got your texts during our nap time...

    Trying to get dinner ready for this crew, so I will call as soon as everyone is settled. Wish me luck... Tim's in Ohio today, so he will be home at some point this evening. Realtor coming to see our house, and take us to see other houses, tomorrow... wish me luck getting everything straight in the meantime... what a mess.

    As for my posts- I haven't been posting- have just been working on the house and sick Jack. He now has a nasty fever... despite antibiotics and tylenol... never a dull moment. CAll when I can!!!!

    PS I think I heard some news... HP?????


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