Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fools Day!

Dinner is served ~ Right?  Look again - this was the best practical joke I have ever pulled off!
It was April Fools Day ten years ago....Ellen was two, Sara was 6 and elizabeth was 8.  The older girls were at school and I prepared the dinner pictured above....which consists of  "Coco Rice Krispy" meatloaf, "ice cream" mashed potatoes covered in "caramel sauce" gravy and accompanied with "soft jolly ranchers" rolled into green beans.  You have to work quick with the Ice cream and then put the whole plate in the freezer.  Around dinner time, I had all of them take a bath so they could come out and "dinner" would already be on the table.    At first glance, Elizabeth said "Mom ~ what is that?  I nonchalantly answered meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans....she said "Meatloaf ~ what is that?"  I gave her an exasperated Mom look and said "Just try it, you will like it".  All two year old Ellen heard was "Mashed Potatoes" and immediately burst into tears (anyone with a tired two year old knows what I am talking about) and was wailing "I don't wike mawshed potatoes" over and over.  Tears are literally streaming down her freshly scrubbed face!  By now, the older girls have started to try to eat and it is slowly dawning on them that this is not "meatloaf" and Mashed potatoes and Ellen is getting more and more upset.  Sara and Elizabeth are trying to calm her down by saying  "Ellen, just take one bite - that is all you have to do - one bite".  Ellen is now beside herself at the prospect that she may have to eat mashed potatoes which is magnified by the fact that is is covered in gravy!  Ellen to this day does not like any of her foods to touch each other and we used to have to serve each item on a separate plate.  So just the sight of three items on the same plate was enough to send her over the edge!  Even with all of us saying "Ellen it is ICE CREAM!" it wasn't enough to get her to try it.  Ellen STILL doesn't like mashed potatoes!   Needless to say, it was a memorable and successful April Fools Day that I have never been able to top!


  1. You are pretty clever! I was never creative enough to come up with April Fools jokes - I was usually the gullible one being tricked!

    Good luck with the quilt - I have to start my daughter's, too! Please let me know how it goes.

  2. That is HYSTERICAL! I just adored your story. Thank you for sharing it with me.

    -Cathe Holden

  3. I remember this!

    I didn't know that Ellen was such a picky eater! It's always nice to hear that other moms struggle with this. Charlie SOBBED the first time I offered him ice cream... come on, kiddo!!!

    I WANT A PROM POST!!!!!!!

  4. My dad for April fools set my mom's alarm to one hour early. You can imagine how mad she was about this.


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