Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lazy Dog Days

Lazy Dog Days

Down to two puppies and the last one was picked up last week!  

Good thing...cause they are an armful

Spring is here!!!! And we have big garden plans....AGAIN!  Ellen's favorite
part is decorating the seed markers (not sure what they are called).  Like last
year, we are starting our seeds and have some very artistically decorated seed trays.

Like everything else, the puppies like to join in the fun.  Even though we only had two
at this time, they were TROUBLE.

I kind of sat back and watched the fun (and snapped these photos) as one after the other, they would grab the seed packets....and RUN.  If you have ever been around a puppy, you know that they grab something and run for their lives to prevent (A) a big dog from snatching their new found goody or (B) a human from raining on their parade. 

As soon as we could rescue one item, they had another in their cute little mouths!

Ellen was working double time to fend them off

Not to miss the fun, Scout joined in

Finally, Ellen could take it no she is saying
"MOM (in a very exasperated voice) please put that camera down and HELP me!"

Despite the puppies' best efforts, Ellen prevailed and we have a good number 
of plants that are ready for the garden

Mardi Gras post to come was a great one and will take some time to put together!  In the meantime, we are enjoying the most unbelievable Spring weather here in Louisiana.

For those of you battling snow and ice ~ dream about this....
.The first Spring blades of grass

Camelia Flower

This past week has flooded our river and it looks like we are on an island.
I love being surrounded by water!

Blooms on my Mulberry Tree

Finally.....a name for the newest member of the family!  It fits right into my blog and I don't know why it took so long for it to come to us.....drumroll please ~ 
This took many weeks of heated discussion and lots of names were tossed around but we could never get an unanimous agreement.  We have tried many names out, only to discard them the next day as they just didn't suit her.  We all agree on Cajun and I think it is going to stick!
Very appropriate name for a dog that is "Only in Louisiana"


  1. Love all the new changes on the blog! Looks great, and what a gorgeous header photo!

    Wish that a) Spring was here in the NE, and b) Ellen was here to start my seeds!

    Cajun is an adorable name- I thought it was going to be Darla, which was cute, but Cajun is great!

    Emailed you this morning...

  2. That is a tree from my back is beautiful, but looks even better as my header.Everything is in bloom here! Yes, Darla was going to be the name, then Babe, then Mellow Yellow, then Willough, then....well the list goes on and on. Never had we had such a hard time naming an animal. Cajun is going to stick!


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