Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to boil crawfish!

Guess how I know Spring has Sprung????
It is Crawfish Season.  I LOVE CRAWFISH!!!!  First of all
it is an awesome way to get together ~ you can feed lots of people for little 
to no trouble at all.  Just boil, serve and throw away the shells.  Seriously, what party
do you have that requires no utensils, no plates, no condiments, and when we are finished ~ 
all the leftovers are thrown into the river to feed the fish and alligators!  

You need a big pot of boiling water

A bag of live crawfish ~ here in LA they are available at just about every gas station!

Most importantly, you need someone who knows the fine art of boiling them!!!! In our case
it is Uncle Tommy.  We are not experts in boiling them and tend to buy them already boiled,
but today, when I found out Tommy could join us, I was determined to learn.  You can under-spice or over-spice them fairly easily and it is kind of embarrassing when you have a huge group of people to feed and the crawfish are barely edible (can you tell this has happened to me!)

Next - pour the LIVE crawfish into a pot.  YES - they will pinch you if you are not careful!

Now for an important step ~ rinse and re-rinse the crawfish....they are nicknamed 
"mudbugs" for a reason.

Another important step is the "fixings" that go into it.  We had potatoes, corn,
lemons, huge cloves of garlic and sausage.

Call me crazy, but that is really pretty!

Next lug and I mean "lug" (it is heavy) the crawfish to the boiling pot.  In the boiling water is 2/3 bag of crawfish boil seasoning (Rex is a good brand) and about 1/4 of a bottle of crab boil.  
Water is boiling when you put crawfish in.

Play with cute little puppy!  

Look this good while lifting and lowering a fifty pound pot!

Here we go.....boil for five minutes and turn off burner.

Now it is soaking time.

Add corn and potatoes and let soak until the crawfish sink...

Like this - see how half of them are gone.  This determines how spicy they are.  The trick is to let them soak enough to be spicy but not hard to peel.  Once they sink, they are ready!



Top off with a nice fire!


  1. What a beautiful day! And by the way, you may be biased but I agree with you. In fact everyone looks quite wonderful.

  2. Ugh. I can't stand it. I'm HOMESICK!!! Looks like a fun a delicious day! Wish we were there. Remember the boil y'all threw for Tim and I when we were engaged? So fun!!


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