Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Four little words that mean a lot!


There is a post from some time ago in which I shared what this little girl taught me.
Click on this (A lesson from Ellen)
Life lessons taught by your children are just have to 
be on the lookout for them.  Open your eyes and ears and you will 
find they are your greatest teachers.
Another favorite lesson - (Finding Rainbows in thin air)

Today's life lesson ~ How to make someone's day.... a little better, a little brighter,
 and bring a smile to their face!

Today was a picture perfect Spring Day....and when Ellen begged to stay home
I said YES!!! She had straight A's on her report card for the last nine weeks so 
a day to celebrate was in order.  There are several projects that she has been wanting to complete and a trip to Walmart was necessary to gather the needed supplies. As we were checking out,
Ellen, did as she always does after we are all checked out  (EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL) and about to leave with our purchases.

She looks directly at the person checking us out and in this cute, little, sing- song 
voice......says with a huge smile on her face 
Have A Nice Day!
It never fails to bring a smile to even the most weary of check-out-clerks!

Coming from her, it is at first surprising ~ but oh ~ so sincere ~ that 
I know in my heart, it does lift their spirits....and mine too.  Every time I 
am with her I resolve to do better and remember to say....

Try it and let me know how it works for you!  
Oh....I made a promise to Sara and Laura that if their "birthday cake for Katherine" was worthy I would post it on the passed the test so here it is!

Have a nice day....(just practicing!)


  1. They say you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar- so I love that she has such a happy attitude! It will take her so far... what a cutie she is!

    Hmm, things I've learned from/about my children this week:

    1) Jack thinks that baby chicks are tennis balls. And wants to throw them.

    2) Charlie can use the ultrasound wand to find the baby's heartbeat, but thinks this baby is too noisy, and should practice using its inside voice.

    3) Instead of sitting around on a lazy, rainy day and watching a movie, it's MUCH more fun to take turns yelling silly words at each other at the top of our lungs. And then dancing. Except when Daddy is on the phone.

    4) Charlie can now spell lots of words. And often mixes up Mommy and Monkey. I'm trying not to take it personally...

    5) My children are extremely friendly to everyone they pass, and their manners are (if I do say so) exceptional. It's so much fun to take them out in public and see what they do. It makes me (and random strangers, or so I was told yesterday at Lankenau Hospital) practice being more gracious and considerate. I love that.

    Hey, Layne-

    PLEASE Have a nice day! THANK YOU!! :)

    Talk to you... one day...

  2. So funny! I always love your comments...especially this one! Call me when you can...I am home today!

  3. Great call Mom for a "stay-at-home day" as my kids call them!

    This is a very sweet, special post. Thank you.



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