Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chicken Soup for the to clean out your refrigerator

Today you are going to learn how to make a fabulous ~ home-made, healthy and EASY
Old vegetables in refrigerator
Half eaten carcass of a Rotisserie chicken
Favorite pasta
TIP:  Walmart has the best Rotisserie chickens and if you get "family size" (basically the size of a small turkey) it will be plenty...if you get the smaller chickens you may need two if you like a lot of chicken in your soup.  The whole secret to this recipe is to buy Rotisserie chicken because you are going to boil the whole chicken - skin and all - to make your stock! You can make home-made stock super easy this way. I buy the "garlic buttery" flavor at Walmart. 

You will also clean out your fridge in the process of making this recipe - Its a two for one good deal!
Now, how on earth does an onion grow in a cold, dark drawer of a refrigerator.  I think of all the plants and vegetables that I painstakingly water, fertilize and fret over, and this dang onion grows in the worst of conditions...well it will now grow in my chicken stock! Remember - it doesn't have to look good to taste good.  This is about utilizing everything that is on its last leg (or onion shoot).

Brown celery works too!

This is in my secret arsenal of kitchen weapons ~ in every flavor ~ beef, chicken, vegetable and ham!  I use it in EVERY soup or stew that I make to enhance flavors.  Today, I just used a tablespoon as the Rotisserie chicken is already so flavored (thank you nice grocery store for doing my work for me) that you will not to add enhancement.

Another good tip  - peeled garlic cloves packaged six to an individually wrapped package.  Unlike the jars of peeled garlic cloves that don't that long once you open the jar, you can open the bags as you need them and they last forever! I put several cloves in (use a garlic press).

Carrots!  When using the vegetables for your stock - use some of them to flavor the stock and save some to put back in the soup when you add the pasta.  The ones that are used to make the stock will be strained and next batch will be cooked about twenty minutes so they will be fresh and flavorful - not boiled to death!

"Pot O Herbs" - Herbs keep forever this way - Just add a few drops of water ever few days to it and keep covered with Saran wrap.  I use them to flavor the stock so you can throw in a handful (rosemary, thyme and sage)  use whatever you have on hand.  Since we will be straining the stock, there is no need to chop unless you want to!

Always ~ in every dish that is prepared ~ "Only in Louisiana"
A few shakes are mandatory for any dish!

To make this amazing stock - Cover your carcass with water.  Do you have some leftover white wine hanging around in that fridge of yours.....pour it in too!  Cut some of your veggies - large chucks are fine and throw in all the ingredients we just talked about.....boil for about 45 minutes or until chicken is falling off bone.  Oh, make sure you leave the skin of the chicken ON as that has all the yummy flavoring in it.  If you are worried about fat, you can let your broth cool and then skim the fat off but you need that skin in the broth!

Now it is time to STRAIN and PICK the chicken off the bone.  

YUM.....dark, rich, robust mouth watering broth

And now for the final stage  ~ told you this was easy ~ Pour your strained broth back into the pot you made it in, Add more chopped vegetables, garlic and pasta. I had 1/2 a bag of shells left so I used this but my preference is egg noodles for Chicken Noodle Soup.  Bring to a boil and cook until noodles and vegetables are done 

When you finish, your masterpiece will look like this.  I have been reading on my favorite blogs about the freak Spring snow storm that occurred this maybe this will warm you up if you are dealing with the last of the snow.

Toast a bit of bread with some cheddar cheese  have a bowl 
of some Chicken Soup for the Soul!

What a poet I am......


  1. We woke up to snow yesterday. And I cried. Big, pregnant tears. But we survived the day with lots of Easter projects. We WILL make it through this bizarre Spring!

    Soup sounds great! Wish you lived nearby so that I could just swing over and mooch!! I have 2 additions for you: you can use a crock pot, throw in chicken breasts/thighs (even frozen), and this works too. For those days when I can ONLY cook (function) in the morning! Also, beer is a good replacement for the white wine. Oh, how I miss beer! And wine...

    Wanted to tell you that Charlie's school hatched chicks this week, and he told his class that chicks were so cute, but Aunt Layne's big rooster that doesn't have a tail will peck you! I have NO IDEA how he remembered that!

    He also informed me that the Easter bunny left poop in our backyard.

    Enjoy your soup, and think of us up in the cold!!!


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