Saturday, January 1, 2011

A watched pot never boils

Waiting, waiting and more waiting....for our New Year's Day puppies!
They are coming any minute now....but we have been saying that all day.   After a 
wonderful New Year's Eve celebrated with close friends (post to come soon on that),
we have been patiently watching Maisy all day and waiting for those puppies to 
make their appearance!

So is she ~ she is HUGE!
My prediction is ten.....she is experiencing major contracctions
at this very moment.

A rainy day and a dog in labor have contributed to 
completion of our many knitting projects.

I am working on my first hat....

My assignment from knitting class 
was to complete nine inches this week....usually, this  
would be an impossible task. but since we are 
confined to our house while waiting on pups, 
we have all decided to pass the time with knitting.
I am on my seventh inch right now.....I may even be
able to knit two hats before the next class on Wednesday!

Ellen took the hat class with me and is working on her
own masterpiece

Our friend, Laura, is over for the birthing extravaganza so 
we taught her to knit too.  She is now half way through her 
first scarf.

So we patiently wait.....and knit....and get excited for every move
that Maisy makes!  Everyone place your bets....leave a comment
with how many puppies you predict Maisy will have!

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