Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Before I start with the new Year....

I must end the old one!
And due to my lack of blogging these last two weeks, I have a lot of
ground to cover!  First, for those of you waiting with baited breath ~ Maisy
had eight beautiful female pups.  Mom and babies are all well and 
healthy!  You might have guessed that all went well by the pic 
above (which I must admit that I love).  Once in  a while
the shutter clicks and out come the perfect picture....and it makes 
up for the other 99 that are just ordinary!
Here are a few more pics of our new babes...

Waiting.....the birthing process is in process!  Here is Maisy, the whole experience took about 18 
hours and Maisy was a trooper! 

Eight healthy baby girls....how appropriate for Gary....more females in the house

Sleeping like a baby!

Now we must go back in time to take a peek at Sara's sixteenth birthday on Dec. 17th 2010.

The day was started with a grand birthday breakfast of crepes and hot chocolate!

Grams (her grandmother) gave her a very special gift ~ one that she has 
been saving since Sara was born....they share the same name,  and 
when I surprised my mother by naming Sara after her, she started planning
for her 16th birthday with this gift.

She sent a special note describing how she found this in the attic and 
had been saving it for Sara ever since!

It is a beautiful sterling silver bracelet inscribed with the name Sara.

That evening, several friends of Ellen came over and decorated
 the house for the celebration!

It was very festive....

It is birthday time!

But first, we visited our park across the street for the annual "Christmas caroling in the park".  It was a very cold night, but that is what you need to get in the Christmas spirit!

A great local band supplied the music

Our girls and friends supplied the caroling,

Sara and her cousin Katie joined in the fun

Ellen and her friends celebrated with Santa

And then, surrounded by lots of friends and family, Sara blew out sixteen candles!

And Gran-E and Charlie came to the party....with a very special gift

A family heirloom necklace to be worn for a very special occasion (post to come!)

Next on the agenda....our cousins arrived ....this is my godchild!
They were scheduled to stay for Christmas and leave the next day
but due to the snowstorms that paralyzed the nation, they were here
 for five extra days!

And they enjoyed all the country has to offer


Standing around looking cute





Nature's beauty

Felix the Cockatiel

And I got to practice my photography

on cute little boys

That I don't see nearly enough of!

But thanks to "Mother Nature"

They were around a little longer than we expected

and gave me some new subjects to shoot!

Well, I still have a lot to share about the end of 2010, but my bed is calling...so 
I will continue this tomorrow and soon we will be all caught up!  Tune in to see some 
very special things that happen "only in Louisiana"!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A watched pot never boils

Waiting, waiting and more waiting....for our New Year's Day puppies!
They are coming any minute now....but we have been saying that all day.   After a 
wonderful New Year's Eve celebrated with close friends (post to come soon on that),
we have been patiently watching Maisy all day and waiting for those puppies to 
make their appearance!

So is she ~ she is HUGE!
My prediction is ten.....she is experiencing major contracctions
at this very moment.

A rainy day and a dog in labor have contributed to 
completion of our many knitting projects.

I am working on my first hat....

My assignment from knitting class 
was to complete nine inches this week....usually, this  
would be an impossible task. but since we are 
confined to our house while waiting on pups, 
we have all decided to pass the time with knitting.
I am on my seventh inch right now.....I may even be
able to knit two hats before the next class on Wednesday!

Ellen took the hat class with me and is working on her
own masterpiece

Our friend, Laura, is over for the birthing extravaganza so 
we taught her to knit too.  She is now half way through her 
first scarf.

So we patiently wait.....and knit....and get excited for every move
that Maisy makes!  Everyone place your bets....leave a comment
with how many puppies you predict Maisy will have!