Monday, December 13, 2010

Maisy is gonna be a Mama!

Elizabeth and Maisy

Elizabeth is going to be a grandmother ~ her baby is having puppies!

You might remember one of my earlier of frustration when I endured three dogs in heat at one time!  Click on the following link to see the post - "What a Week, and it is only Monday"

In a series of coincidences, life is so strange ~ you will be amazed at who the father is!

Maisy and Scout

This will take a little explanation, so bear with me.  When Elizabeth was 10, she asked, begged, pleaded (you get the point) for a Golden Retriever.  Not just any Golden; a straight haired, broad head, AKC registered dog. We had always had labs so this was a foreign concept to me!   She was respectful but determined in her request.  Every day brought a new fun fact about Golden Retreivers.  Her backpack always held "dog" books and she literally read every book on training Goldens and also studied dog breed books from cover to cover.  She knows every single dog breed and can recognize any breed of dog and name it on sight.  She can even name what breeds are "mixed" in dogs and often proves this by telling what breed a dog is and then confirming it with the owner!  Anyway, I was extremely busy running a new business at the time and the last thing I needed to worry with was  a new puppy.  However, after a year of hearing how wonderful "Golden Retrievers" were, combined with the Christmas holidays,  I began to relent.  It was about two weeks before Christmas when I opened the paper to review the classified ads for puppies ~ and there it was...
A perfectly cute little family with no children who owned the father and mother and had a litter of Golden Retrievers for sale.  Holding my breath, I called and they still had one left!I rushed over and this adorable couple had dedicated a bedroom for the "Puppy Palace" and it was full of cute golden balls of fluff marked with Christmas ribbons as collars.....needless to say, it was a done deal.  I had to take pictures of her puppy-to-be as they were too young to take home, but I knew that would not matter to her ~ she would be thrilled and after a year of wanting a pup....her dream would come true. I bought a beautiful coffee table book with pictures of all dog breeds in it and on the Golden Retriever page,  we placed the picture of "Rascal"(Rascal was named by Elizabeth long before she got her!)

 On Christmas morning, it was all I could do to contain myself....secretly, she had also hoped to see a little puppy under the tree and rushed out with high hopes that morning.  However, with the suspense killing both Gary and myself, we waited until all the presents were open to give her the "book" with the note in the front to turn to page 64.  Resigned to fact that there was no puppy under the tree,  she suspected nothing as she opened the book.....only when she read the note and saw the picture, did she become the happiest girl I think I have ever seen in the world!
 Tears are coming to my eyes just thinking of it.

Never in your life have you seen a happier little girl with only a piece of paper to hold!

Two weeks later, (after many visits to hold and play with her puppy) she was able to bring
the real thing  home.

Rascal as a puppy

True to her word, she did EVERYTHING for that dog....waking in the middle of the night every four hours to take it out, training, and attending to her every need.  Rascal became Elizabeth's best friend and if you have ever read "Where the Red Fern Grows", you will understand the bond that grew between Rascal and Elizabeth.

Rascal and Abby 

Four years later, a terrible tragedy occurred that forever changed the innocence of my little girl.  Our two dogs escaped from their kennel while we were on vacation, and somehow, someway ~ someone
who must be a monster of a person, hit our TWO dogs, and left them on the side of the road to die.  One of our friends found them and called us while we were on the way home from what was a great vacation.  Gary told me the news and we told the girls was a heartbreaking ride home.  Something inside of Elizabeth died that affected her in so many ways and was her first real glimpse of how life can turn 180 degrees in an instant.  Her world was took a long time to grieve and for all of us to get used to life without our dogs (our other dog had been with us twelve years).  In fact, Elizabeth's college essay is about her life lessons she learned with her time with Rascal.  So far, she has been accepted into every college she has applied to!  It took some time, but eventually we found another life partner (Maisy) for Elizabeth, but like your first love - it is not quite the same even though she loves her just as much. Anyway, back to the subject of my post ....I needed to share this in order to understand the importance of "Maisy's husband"!

Cooper and Maisy
When we discovered Maisy was in heat, our first thought was to track down the father of Rascal and breed Maisy to him.  It took some doing, but we found that cute family (who now has triplets) but discovered that Rascal's father had died, however.....they kept a litter mate from Rasacal's litter and it was a male.  They agreed to let us breed Maisy and now we will see a bit of Rascal in our puppies!

Maisy and Cooper (Rascal's brother)

Isn't this this the cutest thing flirtation!

So.....puppies are coming and we are thrilled that the father is Rascal's brother.  Told you it was coincidental!

Our beautiful dog is going to be a Mama and we are going to have lots of cute little puppies to blog about at the first of the new year!

And this little girl of mine ~ well, she is going to college; where all these hard life lessons 
that have formed the core of a beautiful person ~ inside and out ~ will accompany her on
her journey through the adventures we call LIFE!


  1. What a story!! How exciting to have puppies on the way, I can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. Made me cry. And, once again, Liz's dog and I are having puppies together! Haha Congrats, Maisy!

  3. AWESOME! Congratulations! What a sweet story too...


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