Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Finding Rainbows in thin air....

Blogging is an interesting thing....that must be why I continually come back to do it!  This week, has been an extremely difficult one for me, and I have wanted to write about it, but wasn't quite sure how to approach the subject, and Ellen,  brought it full circle for me; literally, 
with a circle of rainbow colors

This weekend, a close family friend's child and distant cousin of ours was killed in a freak 
four wheeler accident ~ she was 11 years old, same age my Ellen.... was full of life, loved animals, loved the outdoors, hunting, cross -country, soccer,  and always had a smile on her face.

Tuesday was spent attending the funeral, graveside service and reception at the families's house afterward....we were in the company of around 1000 plus people who wanted to pay their respects for this awesome little girl.

Usually a church is a place of comfort, familiarity and solace, but on Tuesday, it was one of heartache, sadness and disbelief.  Disbelief at how quickly the life we take for granted can change in an instant.  Disbelief that a precious little person was there one minute and the next minute she was gone.  It was a place of thoughts....thoughts that were thankful....thankful that my three girls were still here, with us; thoughts that I need to be a better mother, a better wife and a better person.

If any sense could come of this tragedy, it would be that every person who attended would have the  same thoughts I be the best you can be....all the time, because you never know 
when that will be taken from you and you can't go back and fix it. It was a sadness that
was felt so deep, so gut wrenching, it was hard to breathe.  And I am not even the parent.

How does one go on after such a devestating tragedy.....time will tell.  I do tell my girls that it is not what happens to you in life, but how you handle it.  Life throws you curve balls and you need to know how to catch them and throw them back.

 Today, as I was contemplating the loss my friends are dealing with, my Ellen, an angel on this earth, said (as we were standing in the kitchen) "hey Mom, can you come closer to me"....confused I looked at her for clarification.  "Yes, take a few steps towards me" she said.  I obliged, still not understanding....."one more stop and look at your shirt." You have a rainbow on you."  Sure enough, I looked down and there it was ~ a perfect circle with all the colors of the rainbow.  "Take a picture of this" she said.  So of course....I did!

Why do we love our children so....because they help us to see things that we adults tend to ignore....the sweet, beautiful things in this rainbow.  I have been in the this house for ten years, and today is the first day I discovered there was a rainbow ~  in my kitchen ~ every day.

Ellen spotted it on my sweater and took the time to point it out and admire the simple beauty of every day ordianry life. 

I am sure it has been here all along, the light shines through this peep hole everyday
but today was the day it was was discovered.  Today, when I needed reassurance that 
life was good ~ and beautiful. 


  1. Ugh, heartbreaking and lovely. Thanks for such a nice post. Julie

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss, I cannot imagine losing a child. the poor parents. I do think that things like that put our lives into perspective. I love that you have discovered a daily rainbow in your kitchen! And I love the new blog name too. xo

  3. Thank you for this heartbreaking post -- and for sharing the simply lovely pictures of the young girl who was lost.

    Yes, focusing on our children always, always helps to being the right perspective.

    Prayers to all there!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments.....please keep the family in your prayers. To clear up a bit of confusion....the pictures of the girl in this post is my Ellen....


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