Friday, November 26, 2010


This is going to be a ridiculously long post but I have a ridiculously amount of great pictures that I can't choose they are going on the blog ~ problem solved!

Oh, to be young again!  

This year, we had lots of little ones (thanks Dottie & Mike)!  Speaking of Dottie....she drove six children to our house, by herself because Mike was home with a stomach virus.  She has a "throw up" bucket in her car as two were recovering from the stomach virus and by the time she left....two more were getting it!  What a woman! So glad she made the HUGE effort to be with us.  Anyway, back to the children's table....we (that would be Sara) made a paper table cloth with paper place-mats and each child got their own pack of colors.  I think more masterpieces were created then turkey consumed at that table....and I have the pictures to prove it.

This was a world record turkey frying day...four turkeys....however, only three were edible (see photo at the end).

Milkpunch Mark arrived and started "doing his thing"....
the milk punches were better than ever.  Mark is very talented with
that blender.  

The "turkey frying crew"...only thing missing is Tim!

Peter......warming up to the whole gang

The sun came out after a morning of rain. 
 Thank goodness ~Ten children trapped in one house is not a good thing!

Everyone loves this checker table ~ it is always full.  This is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

Uncle Bones plays a serious game of "Guess Who"!

Matthew came dressed as an Indian - So cute

Elizabeth is our champion checker player - the only time I have ever seen her beaten is when four people teamed up and played her....

Aaron and Elizabeth put the finishing touches on the table

Kristyn and Haylen

Matthew and Michael

Both Michael and Ellen left with the stomach flu ~
but they were troopers, you never knew they were sick.  
Ellen was outside playing, took a "throw up" break
and kept right on playing!  She does look pale in this photo

Ellen helping Peter  

 Haylen decorated her "placemat" for me!

Uncle Ray and Keven ~ Carving turkeys

Dinner time......finally! We are going to have to get another
table next year for Thanksgiving....we could not squeeze another body
around this table.

Gary and Kristyn

Uncle Ray and Aunt Diane

I am never in any photos and this is one that was taken! Really....

The "coloring table" was a success and will become part of Thanksgiving from now on!

Meg and Thomas ~ the newest baby in the family...
but not for long....we have two more on the way!

Just a few desserts....I forgot to get a picture with them of the few pics I did  not get. 

The dishwashing crew!

As I was saying...four turkeys were fried and 
in cajun tradition ~ one was blackened.
Thats what happens when you put the turkey 
in very hot oil and FORGET about it
while having Thanksgiving dinner!

 Relaxing - Steven and Vanessa

                                                        Is he not the cutest thing ever! Ryan not the hugest thing ever!  Watch out Villa Nova ~
He plays football for Steven F Austin and they are playing Villa Nova
in the playoffs!  Hope he ate a lot of turkey!

 "My Sawa"

Mark knows how to get into the "swing"of things!

Could you get any cuter than this?!!!!!! I have so many great pictures of all 
the cousins.  It just makes a holiday 
to have all these precious little people around. 

The big people are kind of fun to have around too! made it to the end of the post ~ CONGRATULATIONS!


  1. Wow, looks GREAT!! But one question... 2 on the way?! I'm only having one, so... ??

    And I don't think 4 is the record- one year, with Tim, I think y'all did upwards of 6 (a few for other people- the Vinings?). Anyway, they mostly looked delicious! Much better than my cutlets, but we're planning on frying one NEXT weekend.

    Love the tables, love all the great shots of the cute kids! Wish we had been there. Save us a seat for next year- 5 McGoldricks to add to the clan! Should we bring our own table!?!

    See you in a few weeks!

  2. Great moments. Where do you live?? every body is on shorts. Is hot there !!!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    This is my moment:

  3. Wow. What a huge family you've got! That is one big happy event ;)

    By the way, I'm having a giveaway on my blog that I think you would like:

  4. Looks like you had an amazing day!

  5. To answer the question of where we the land of crazy weather! You will be in shorts and sweating one day and the next ~ sitting by a fire looking at frost on the ground. Thursday it was 80 plus degrees and this morning it was 30 degrees when we woke up.....It is the deep South in Louisiana! THe weather here is like a box of chocolates ~ you never know what you are going to get!

  6. What a lovely holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!


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