Monday, November 1, 2010

Now this was a fun weekend!

So much has happened in the last few days ~ I don't know where to start!  I think we will begin after my last blog (sorry I just can't find the time to be a daily blogger) and that would be Friday....

                   CRAZY HAIR DAY!!!

This is the final day of Red Ribbon Week that highlights drug awareness.  I think this is such a fun
way to bring attention to an important topic.  I can remember being "scared to death" with videos of junkies shooting up and horrible visions of people using drugs when I was in middle school.  They spend a week focusing on how "bad" drugs are for you but do it with some humor too!  Every morning a skit is done by their peers in assembly....the students write poems about the problems of drugs, have poster contests as well as see some videos.  It is a good program!

Some of Ellen's "Crazy Hair" Friends

Baby Bunnies were born! Both Mamas had their litters
and that brings out baby bunny total to nineteen babies and 
thirteen adults.  I think our world's record for babies is 21,  she 
has another mama due soon so we may break that record.  
(Just in time for the Christmas rush ~ heh, heh)

Getting ready to "Trick-or Treat" at a friend's neighborhood.
Their neighborhood does it early so we get 
two nights of candy

Never too old to "trick-or-treat", I am glad my older girls still want to go!  They are in character here...Sara is a Navi from the movie - Avatar;  Elizabeth is Ash from Pokemon and Ellen is a bag of leaves!  The thing I love the most about this is that they each made their costumes from scratch ~ it makes them special. If you have time click on the next link and you can see some of their inventions from the past....

Here is Sara ~ she can hardly wait to get the candy (OK...she really isn't that big of a goober....this photo was a bit - ahem - staged!  But she and the rest of the "three amigos" did trick or treat....their philosophy was "free candy and fun"!  Elizabeth is missing from a lot of our pictures because for a girl with a rigorous senior class schedule and college application deadlines upon us ~ she is very busy doing other not so fun things.

While the girls are doing this...

And this........

She is with our wonderful Math tutor doing this.....

And while the girls were doing this......

She was doing this....writing one of many college essays.

While the girls were doing this.....

She was doing this.......

And even though she missed out on this........

She didn't miss out on this........

And now we have gone from this.......

To    THIS...............

Waiting for their dates to pick them up.....oh my!
It is always a sentimental moment and I at the risk of repeating
myself, I have to copy what I wrote last year at this time...

I remember the first big "Homecoming" event involving these involved freshly smocked dresses, the "first" time to be buckled into a car seat, stacks of newborn diapers, lots of friends and family, unbridled excitement, disbelief that we were really "parents", hearts bursting with pride, butterflies of anxiety in our stomach, the smell of "welcome to the world" flower arrangements throughout the house, and the general whirlwind of entering parenthood.  That whirlwind still continues and now we treasure every moment of it, as unlike sixteen years ago, we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is a tunnel that I never want to reach the end of.........

Before the girls looked like this.......

They looked like this........
The cross country team had a race on homecoming morning;
no sleeping in for these beauty queens.  Sara had beat her PR ~
(personal record) ~ by a minute and in the running world,
that is huge, people!

And even though Elizabeth looks like this......
She was at the very end here so she is in pain,
but so is everyone else when they are 
finishing a race. We are super excited that she is well 
enough to race now!  This was her 
first race in a year and guess what, although she 
was in some pain when she finished,  she was only 10 seconds off
 her PR from last year.  
We are unbelievably thankful!

Now.....back to homecoming!

Pictures speak a thousand words......
so I let them do my work for me.
Obviously, dinner before the dance was an amazing success
and just to give some of the folks behind the scenes some credit....

Liz graciously offered her beautiful house and other
parents contributed to the meal with some great side dishes
and desserts ~ as well as waiting on these children hand and foot!

The guys ~ well they helped tremendously by hanging out, drinking beer
and solving the world's problems!

Wait, it doesn't end here......after the dance ~ another friend of ours
cooked breakfast and fun continued!

Gary stuck a $20.00 bill on the wall and kicked off a ping-pong tournament!

True to his Gambel humor, he made them sing the "Star Spangled Banner" before it started!
These children are good sports....but they do have their eye on that $20.00 bill.

A reinactment of how they really won the "unofficial dance off" at
the Homecoming dance.

Not quite sure what is going on in this photo.

Snuggling in for the night.........

But wait, there is more.......
Lets not leave little "Elbow" out of the loop.  She 
had some friends over on Sunday night and they hit
the neighborhood up for lots of candy...this 
is almost the end of the never-ending post ~ I promise!

Elizabeth is back to the "sweat shop" and studying while 
everyone is handing out candy!  She better 
make an "A" after all this work!

Taking a break!

"Trading candy"

Wow.....the pumpkins were the best ever ~ if I do say so myself

Sara took this photo (and carved the pumpkin)
Must give credit where credit is due.

 FINALLY  last but not least....Ellen's pumpkin....
Goodbye Halloween and Homecoming;
Hello Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!


  1. So much to say...
    #1 What a cool idea doing dinner for the kids.
    #2 Your girls look amamzing
    #3 I can't believe I am too old to go to a homecoming dance...When did this happen?
    #4 Looks like we have some D-90 photos in there.
    Great job..what a week and I am sure you are looking foward to all your holiday bokah practice!! Have fun!

  2. Oh Layne, that picture of the girls in the hammock... I cried. Must be the hormones. And that passage about their "first homecoming". AHH I'm crying again! The girls look so beautiful, and it looks like y'all had another wonderful Halloween. I miss you all so much, and just can't believe that my girls have grown up so much.


    GO LIZ!!!! I'm so proud of her!

    Can't wait to hear all about all of the fun events- I'll call soon.

    What a great post. Love, Julie

  3. One more comment... sorry...

    don't all those girls live in (your hometown)?? Don't they know the correct stance when having their picture taken?? haha Oh, and the look that Sara is giving you as she pins her date... I'm DYING!

  4. Love the bag of leaves. Now I know what I will be next year! Bryan and I broke down and actually dressed up this year, as Sonny and Cher. (That's probably not going into our blog, which btw is coming back to life, I hope.)

    I agree with Julie - love that look Sara is shooting the camera. And the kid in that picture, her date, looks strangely similar to Bryan at that age, minus the rocker hairdo.

    Miss you all so much!


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